Promised action, failed to deliver: Ignored by Isle of Wight MP and Cabinet member claims mental health film-maker

Four months after action plan drawn up, Sam says he’s had no response from the MP and only a one-liner from Cllr Mosdell. His previous “healthy dose of scepticism” appears accurate.

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A volunteer who made a film about the mental health crisis on the Isle of Wight claims he has been ignored by IW Council bosses and the Island’s MP.

Sam Schroeder said he had not heard from either Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Robert Seely or adult social care cabinet member, and mental health champion, Cllr Clare Mosdell, for months.

Four months ago, Sam screened his film ‘Crisis or awakening’, at the Riverside Centre, Newport.

“Action speaks louder than words”
After the film, Mr Seely and Cllr Mosdell invited Sam to a meeting to discuss the reforms proposed in the film. Sam said they drew up an action plan to open a dialogue between the three of them about mental health on the Island.

He said Mr Seely also offered to take certain matters up to the House of Commons.

After the meeting, Sam said he was balancing his optimism with a healthy dose of scepticism.

Two months of nothing
Two months after the meeting, Sam said he had not heard from either Mr Seely or Cllr Mosdell.

He said:

“I received no response from Mr Seely, and a one line response from Mrs Mosdell explaining she hadn’t had time to look into the matter.

“And now, four months down the line, there’s been no further correspondence or progress made in regard to these plans.”

Silence from Mosdell
Cllr Mosdell did not respond to requests for comment.

Mr Seely said:

“I would like to see Sam’s reforms happen. In the new year I am looking forward to speaking to Sam again about the excellent work he has done.”

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Email updates?
I attended the film showing that Cllr Mosdell and Mr Seely attended and they spoke fine words but it is clear that it was just the usual ‘grandstanding’. They just want their soundbite and photo opportunity to be followed by riding on the back of someone else’s hard work in actually making things happen. Well done to Sam for getting on with the job, just don’t let… Read more »
Mosdell is possibly the worst choice of Councillor for social care / health – totally ineffective and fails to make decisions or make decision makers make decisions. I am sure health and social care are working hard to improve services generally, but with little resource and a fine dose of bureaucratic annoyance in the form of senior CCG and Trust managers who can’t seem to wipe themselves… Read more »
Gee, a Tory MP and Councillor renage upon their fine rhetoric.. how unusual! At 63 years old I find I am no longer even suprised that they fail to act upon ANY proposal that might benefit a single sick, disabled or poor person on the Island! The true shame is that 25 years ago we would have stopped this kind of act before it destroyed us by… Read more »