Infection survey shows Covid-19 rising fastest amongst primary age pupils

The National Education Union say the “Government cannot continue to ignore this report” and “must act to stop the role of schools in the transmission of Coronavirus”

coronavirus cases age chart showing high transmission in young people

Responding to the latest issue of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Infection Survey, Peter Shreeve, Assistant District Secretary of the National Education Union said:  

“This survey is of great concern. It confirms the worries of the NEU and many others that this lockdown has not been strict enough. 

“It is not surprising that Coronavirus is back on the rise and that it is rising fastest amongst primary age pupils.

“Nurseries are open to all pupils and a fifth of primary pupils are being taught in school. During the lockdown last Spring, less than 1 in 50 pupils were being taught in school. 

“It is welcome that coronavirus infection amongst secondary pupils is falling and this is because only 1 in 25 secondary pupils are being educated in school. However, we should not forget secondary school infections are still 50 times higher than the start of September.”

coronavirus cases age chart showing high transmission in young people

Attendance five times higher in third lockdown
He finished by saying,

“As attendance in state schools is five times higher in this third lockdown compared with the first, it is hardly surprising that schools being opened is associated with more cases.

“Independent SAGE pointed out in their weekly Friday presentation (22/1) that pupil attendance is now 21% in primary, 5% in secondary and 30% in special schools. This compares to 4%, 1% and 8% in the first lockdown.

“Attendance in state schools is significantly higher in this third lockdown. The Government cannot continue to ignore this report and must act to stop the role of schools in the transmission of Coronavirus.” 


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Monday, 25th January, 2021 9:15am



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Hardly surprising’ a virus evolves in hosts it can easily attach to. Schools are an ideal spreading ground.


Then they take it home to mum and dad who go to work and give it to their coworkers who go home and………..

Mark L Francis

So if you lockdown everyone and just let the school children mix & then go home, the “virus” will evolve to target them (which it does)& become more infective. By creating a selective evolutionary pressure, the Government basically caused the mutation.

Children have always been the biggest infection area but they have a developing immune system so usually suffer mild symptoms and recovery times; unless some are unfortunate enough to be classed as vulnerable due to medical reasons. It is a fact that the older you get and depending on your diet and health you are more susceptible to infection so I think a good 99% of us… Read more »