International tunnel consultants visit pro-link campaigners: Costs and timelines revealed

World experts on tunnelling have been to the Isle of Wight this week to give their views on the project including (for the first time) how long it might take to complete and how much it could cost.

HKZM visual - TEC project

This in from Thomas Cowley on behalf of the Solent Tunnel Pro-Link Campaign Association. Ed

Pro-Link Campaign Association is pleased to confirm a visit by representatives of the Dutch business Tunnel Engineering Consultants (TEC).

World renowned experts confirmed again that a fixed link across the Solent is technically feasible. Timescales and likely costs for such a project were also confirmed.

The visitors were Paul Hanafin, Director of Infrastructure at Royal HaskoningDHV and Hans de Wit, Managing Director of TEC. The delegation brought world-leading technical tunnel construction expertise and expert knowledge of what would be needed to deliver such a project in the UK.

Visited following request
Paul and Hans visited after responding to a letter from Kevin Price, asking for their views on the prospect of a cross Solent Fixed Link.

The TEC team had seen the significant level of interest on the Facebook Fixed Link Referendum page and wanted to further investigate the situation on the Isle of Wight.

Bridge not practical
The assessment of Pro-Link’s visitors was largely in line with the current expectations following the research of the Pro-Link team. A bridge is not practical, due to the underlying geology and the height required of the span.

The other two options, which need further consideration are twin bored, or immersed tube tunnels.

Immersed tube tunnel
The delegates assessed that the immersed tube tunnel option would be attractive to boost the socio-economics on the Island. 90% of the labour for the project could be locally sourced.

The biggest challenges that would need to be considered for this construction method are environmental issues, as the Solent has a number of significant and complex constraints around any route.

Reducing the environmental impact
The choice of a bored tunnel would use much less local labour, due to the highly specialised skills needed for such a project, but it would cause significantly less environmental impact.

With all projects of this type, the final construction method and route would be decided during the design and engineering phase of the project.

Costs of the project
The knowledge from multiple other similar projects enabled the TEC delegates to estimate likely costs of a fixed link.

These are likely to be in the range of £1-1.2bn for the completed project.

They also confirmed that it is extremely likely private sector financial backing, similar to that on the Severn Crossings could be sourced for such a project.

Time scales
The team confirmed the timescales to Pro-Link, which could be expected for a cross Solent Fixed Link. These will happen in two phases:

  1. Between two and three years to complete the full engineering and design study for the project.
  2. Once work commenced build time for the project, is likely to be in the region of between five and seven years.

A fixed link to the Isle of Wight could well be a reality within a decade.

Image: © Tunnel Engineering Consultants

Thursday, 23rd April, 2015 2:41pm



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Stuart Brown

So as has already been stressed by the group against a fixed link…

Will cost over £1Billion which would need to be privately sourced…

Will take a decade if not met by opposition to plan and build…

Will suffer from environmental issues as feared by us, Friends of the Earth and Marine Conservation Society.

So we no nothing we didn’t already really. The 1998 Feasibility study still more significant.


And isn’t it just great news, too Stuart!

Within a decade you could be commuting on a more reliable mode of transport and our tourism industry could be growing stronger, unemployment could be down and mean incomes on the IW could be up.

Great news all round, I’m sure you’ll agree.


nothing new…never going to be built …of course its feasible…but why spend a billion pounds plus just so a couple of hundred people can commute easier and some Islanders can shop at Gunwharf.

extend the airport at Sandown and have a cheap airline fly a 737 type plane in twice a day…one way £29 to London City airport

I'll Get Flamed

Because it’s a lot more than a couple of hundred people and would bring huge benefits to the Island!

kevin – A 737 twice a day? That’s a crazy idea. If the plan ran every single day of the year and had to be subsidized to the tune of £10,000 per return flight, the £1 billion budget would quickly run out after just 137 years. Hold on. 137 years? Twice a day? Every day? Perhaps you’re on to something after all. How about one of those… Read more »
Stuart Brown
All theory no fact. Could also be having to cross the solent to visit A&E or attend the Maternity Ward. Also contending with more congested roads, higher rent, mass ferry unemployed and more day trippers as opposed to holiday makers. Until a real investor turns up I don’t say anything new to worry about. “Tunnel Company says a tunnel feasible, we know that… Tunnel company says they… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed
People already have to cross the Solent for medical appointments. In some cases, they refuse to do so and accept less advanced treatments on the Island. Last year there were over 150 helicopter transfers to the mainland and nearly 600 ambulance transfers. That’s just the emergency / ambulance cases. Many thousands made their own way. Being transferred to the mainland is frightening and distressing at a time… Read more »

Which is all well and good until they close A&E and Maternety because mainland access is deemed good enough. Great now loads more people now have to go to the mainland for hospital services.

And before any pro link supports say that this just wouldn’t happen well it’s been tried before but the only thing stopping it was the lack of a fixed link.

I'll Get Flamed
Tim – services have already moved to the mainland! NHS policy is to focus care in specialist centres. That’s not just financial – because specialist centres see more cases they develop deeper expertise. However, for more general care (e.g. maternity, minor A&E, etc) You have no evidence to support the view that they will move to the mainland. There will still be 150,000 people needing a local… Read more »
Rod Manley

I never really looked at the reasons for a bridge, I just accepted that one would have to be built.


£1 billion?

Dream on.


Tell that to Tesco. I bet they wish their loss was only a measly £billion.

what loss?

Read their accounts again. No money loss at all just revaluing their properties. They actually made nearly £1billion on trading


It need not cost even half. It need not even take that long. It all depends on who is taking the decision.

The other day I was stopped in Newport by tourists and asked what there was to visit. Guildhall Museum – no -closed, Bus Museum – no – moved to Ryde, Boat Museum – no – moved to East Cowes. So what to visit? The Quay? Could be nicely restored with features and quayside cafes but there isn’t the money available. So what else to do? Walk up… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed

The two need to develop together.

We need easier access to and from the mainland.

We need improvements to attract tourists AND businesses to the Island.

A Fixed Link could be the stimulus for other improvements to the Island.


Visit in Newport? Why would there be anything to visit in Newport? It’s a town with shops.

There’s always Carisbrooke Castle or is that a little too remote?

I would have told them to visit the toilets while they still can.

I bet the Island employers will not like it when their workforce migrate each day for better wages without the lottery of the ferries running or not. They have been subsidising their mainland deliveries from their employees for too long. Wages will have to rise in line with what the industries pay elsewhere. No more waiting each side, get somewhere quicker if there is a family crisis.… Read more »
Using 2011 census figures the IW mean income was £18k. In Hampshire the mean income was £26k. If you roll that out over the IW working population, which is roughly 80,000 people, that’s a net benefit to the IW economy of £640m EXTRA per year. If it means IW businesses can no longer take advantage of a disadvantaged workforce, but it results in a large injection of… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed

Those opposed to a FL have repeatedly challenged the pro-group on the details of a proposal and feasibility.

The pro-group are responding to that challenge (all self funded).

Those who have challenged the feasibility should at least consider new evidence with an open mind.

Stuart Brown

We don’t know anything new! Location pretty key for a start…

I'll Get Flamed

Nobody has claimed that a final proposal has been submitted.

Any proposal is going to take time to develop and I don’t see what is wrong with the Pro-link group bringing in experts to advise.

At least the pro-link group are actively researching and developing their argument.


This is extremely good news, I hope that the project gets underway soon


This is now looking serious.


no its not….better of debating whether the tooth fairy is real…I’m not pro or anti link….just accept it will never be built

I'll Get Flamed

Surely, we’re entitled to a better argument than that?

You have provided no reason why it should not be built. Cynicism is a terrible argument and one that has been proven wrong many times.

I accept that there are massive challenges in delivering a FL. The first of which is making people realise that it is possible!

Simon Haytack
No it isn’t. Who even are these people? As far as I can see, they’ve set up a page on Facebook, and sent out a few press releases. The way they’re wording things comes across as though they feel they are speaking for the island, when in fact, no survey, referendum or even opinion poll has ever really been conducted on the issue. The people behind the… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed
We live in a democracy and people are fully entitled to start a campaign. We should have a referendum, however the no campaign have made it very clear that they want to see the detail. Pro-link are therefore, at their own expense, developing that detail. Both sides claim they have the support of the majority of the Island … so let’s have a referendum to find out… Read more »

Given the detail, the NO lobby will no doubts “spend their own money” getting expert advice on the viability and long-term impacts of the Pro-FL proposals.

I'll Get Flamed
I hope they do. I am a big supporter of a FL, but I would change mm view if there was a negative impact on the Island. However, to make that assessment I need more than annecdotal evidence and scaremongering. The pro group have quite rightly been challenged and they have responded. They do not yet have all the answers and much of the data still needs… Read more »
John Welch

Exactly. We all (Islanders) need to be asked what we want and not just one group who may (and note I say may) have vested interests in proposing fixed link.

Re the Skye Bridge – The bridge was built by a commercial group led by the Bank of America and under the deal it used the charges to recoup its £39m costs. Its tolls were based on the old ferry fares between the island and the mainland and as a result were the highest levied in Europe. The Scottish government bought the bridge back, if they didn’t… Read more »
That’s funny Tiki, maybe you should go have a look at the Severn Crossing, which is a private-financed franchise, with a car cost of £6.90 return. Maybe you could tell us how that is failing? Possibly a more positive approach would be for those opposed to better connections to the so-close-you-can-nearly-touch-it Mainland to move somewhere there is no chance of a fixed link. That way they can… Read more »
follow the money

the figure of £6 may sound small but bear in mind over 500,000 vehicles use the Severn bridge every week. Reckon our little island could cope with that level of traffic?

I'll Get Flamed

In Skye, a private company invested in the bridge and made a profit in return. The infrastructure was built so the Government did not carry and risk new infrastructure was delivered that boosted the local economy by 30%. Residents now pay no tolls and have 24 hour access to and from the island. Which part of that is bad?


The bit where the government spent £93m on a bridge that was going to cost £15m I guess.

I'll Get Flamed
The state bought the bridge for £27M so your number is inaccurate. The bridge cost £25M to build and the investing company took £30M in tolls over the 10 year period. The return for the investing company was just under 10% per anum at a time when 10 year gilts (i.e. no risk) were returning 8%. For this additional return of 2% over gilts, the investing company… Read more »
The public forced the state to step in via complete outrage at the profiteering from the tolls, so much so, that the local folk (on both island and mainland) openly stated that they’d refuse to work the toll booths and failing that, they’d destroy the bridge. Your simplistic explanation is ill informed and disingenuous in it’s fluffy take on the fluidity of proceedings. The bridge facilitated an… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed
My “simplistic explanation” was taken from a Financial Times article by Tony Jackson. Feel free to search for “Tony Jackson Skye Bridge” and read the article. The original post mis-represented the purchase price by stating a figure that was 3 times the actual price. Before describing my numbers as “ill informed” perhaps you would address that level of inaccuracy from the no campaign! As is often the… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed

I realise that I have failed to address one of your arguments.

To be clear, I am not claiming that the people of Skye were happy with the toll situation – I have never claimed that.

I fully accept that they objected to the tolls.

Given they objected so vehemently to paying £11.40, how would you expect those same people to react to our ferry fares that can exceed £100!

John Welch

One of the main problems is that the Island infrastructure e.g. Roads would never cope with the extra traffic a fixed link would bring. Who will pay for upgrading most of the roads considering the state they get in with present traffic


“They also confirmed that it is extremely likely private sector financial backing, similar to that on the Severn Crossings could be sourced for such a project.”

So… not state funded but PFI by private investors and no different to today’s profit-hungry strangleholds imposed on Islanders by Macquarie (now BBIP) and Prudential.

I'll Get Flamed
As opposed to the Ferries that are owned by private equity companies? Why is it okay to be reliant on private equity companies for our ferries, with no prospect of ever escaping the debt, but not okay to use private funding for a FL? Most of us live in houses that are owned by banks. We drive cars that are financed by loan companies. I fully support… Read more »

IGF- the construction cost would substantially higher and requires a longer payback-more than 25 years at least.

Both private investor schemes are iniquitous and would not improve the cost of crossing the Solent.

I'll Get Flamed

…. and with the ferries, there is just a continual payback. Every time the companies need further investment to buy new (second hand) ferries the debt increases. Every time the equity company sells on the debt it increases again.


True! Nationalise the ferries or get state funding for a FL!


The Council could pay for this with funding from the Floating Bridge once charging starts……

Old Knobby

Well b*gger me, tunnelling consultants say bridge not practical but support the idea of a tunnel. Who’d have thunk it? Whatever next – Pope in shock ‘is a Catholic’ announcement or a horrifying report into the toilet habits of bears?



Why would I refer to a journalist of a primarily GDP fixated outlet when I can actually talk to the people of Skye on what really happened and the ramifications surrounding the dynamic of the bridge.

I’m not of the ‘no’ campaign, I’m impartial to the entire premise, for reasons that I’ve explained to you (this will be the third time) on why a FL will not happen.

I'll Get Flamed
My original post made no comment on the impact of the bridge on the people of Skye. I responded to a very inaccurate fact with actual data … which was then described as “ill informed”. I have provided a reference for that data and expect that others who quote the “ramifications” of any event do the same. Anecdotal evidence in any form, whether pro or against, is… Read more »


Your lack in understanding of the ‘impact’ renders your referenced ‘data’ as useless in trying to give some asserted credibility to the hypothesis of a FL over the tangible reality of the anecdotal.

I’ll repeat it again, a FL will not happen.

I'll Get Flamed

… and you are the final judge of the ‘impact’ … not to mention the final decision maker?

I’m sure the rest of the electorate will be pleased that you have clarified these points.

@Peaceful_Life – The No Fixed Link page has been trying to make the Pros see that the impending property boom, if any tunnel was forthcoming, would be devastating for resident islanders but they won’t buy it because it goes against their dream. However, they are willing to look favourably at GDP as a means of showing a supposed economical improvement…whilst other more knowledgeable professionals in economy have… Read more »
We need this link to bring much needed life and investment. Each year this island is left behind the times the more young people leave. It’s the youth of today that will rejuvenate this island tomorrow. We cannot afford to keep losing them. Commuting by ferries is costly, time consuming and often not available. It’s almost laughable to imagine the chaos if this island needed to be… Read more »
ed mew

I am sorry for all those that want a fixed link, sadly for you it will not happen in your lifetime. Perhaps you could go back to the mainland and be happy there.

I'll Get Flamed
Why do you assume that everyone who wants a FL originates from the mainland (as implied by your “go back” comment)? Many of the strongest supporters for a FL were born on the Island and have family on the Island – i.e. moving would not solve the problem of travelling to and from the Island. Many of the strongest opponents of a FL have moved to the… Read more »

Brilliant news! I will be getting my car stickers soon. Well done for getting so far in such a short time.

Vix Lowthion
An interesting development. But just because we Can do something, doesn’t mean we Should. I admire the passion and belief from people pushing the Fixed Link. But it needs more than a feasibility study to move things forward. We need impact assessments on housing, hospital, environment – and more. And we need a referendum to consult islanders , to ensure that the public as a whole are… Read more »

No Vix,we don’t ‘need’ any of this.It’s all waffle. In Scotland the decision has been taken to build an enormous bridge on the firth. That is all it takes – a decision. Who is going to make it?

if not you, who

Why not you Milly? you seem to want it, so YOU make the the decision.

Please let us know what YOU decide.

Roy Bridger

If I was going to build a tunnel I would build it at the closet point to the mainland say near Totland and Yarmouth.

great idea

Brilliant, err.. how will that help me commute from Seaview to Portsmouth?

Old Knobby
In just the same way that a bridge or tunnel from Seaview to Portsmouth would help anyone who wants to commute to Southampton or Lymington? Unless you’re proposing three fixed links it’s going to be a bit of an inconvenience for anyone near to one of the existing ferry routes if that shuts down once it’s open. The ‘no’ camp really don’t have to put up any… Read more »

Err, I supposed the way you commute already. They did not stop the cross channel ferries because of the tunnel. There might not be so many ferry crossings, but you will get there eventually, a bit like the rest of us when the operational reasons come into play.

ms poynter

This is excellent news!!! Keep pushing ahead pro linkers for our children’s future :)

What gives me the best laugh in this debate is the use of so-called facts. Today I have learnt that there are apparently 80,000 working people on the Island. The expectation of wages increasing on the island is another screamer. The wages are low on the Island because there are a lot of jobs exactly the same as on the mainland that are also low paid; it’s… Read more »
Tanja Rebel

Sorry, but I thought this was an Island?

Darren Irving
Although I can see what some people are getting at with the fixed link debate/campaign I can safely say that I am not for it in anyway shape or form. Some might say that I am short sighted and archaic and that I should be supporting it for the sake of my children and future generations, for the sake of my children? No not at all! Most… Read more »
You’re short sighted and archaic and you should be supporting it for the sake of my children and future generations. IW residents are so much hardier and resourceful and ablke to cope we’re the 4th highest location in the UK for prescription of anti-depressants. This probably has nothing to do with low wages, high unemployment and the other range of malaises that affect the Island due to… Read more »
” get on the ferry with a one way ticket.” “island born and bred and my family are as well!” “true islander” ……..figgers! Soon tourists might need a visa to visit the Island. :-)) “Has no one ever heard the bad news about the euro tunnel?” or even the good news for that matter, like easier transport of people and goods, increased economies in South Coast towns… Read more »
Darren Irving
“……..figgers! Soon tourists might need a visa to visit the Island. :-))” I’m not sure what a “figger” is, perhaps you spelt figure phonetically? But anyway why would they need a visa we are after all part of the UK, the majority of tourists will still visit the Island without a fixed link, they always have and always will, we can still transport people and goods without… Read more »
No -“figgers” is a slang way of indicating that the conclusion is not surprising given the background. Why would visitors need a visa? Because of the attitude of some Caulkheads who have a mistaken view of their importance due to their being born on the Island. They are often anti- Overners (who increase the values of tIsland property and add to the Island economy) and Grockles (on… Read more »

(Darren) “t took them 30 years after getting the green light to get the “chunnel” completed.”

Not quite! The project was approved by UK and French governments in 1987, construction started 1988, breakthrough from both ends happened on schedule in December 1990 and it went into operation in 1994.

Darren Irving

cicero- Channel tunnel: “This project, though much debated and discussed since the first mention of a tunnel in the early 1880s, was mere science fiction for many years. The project was given the green light in 1964, but it wasn’t until 1987 that work finally began, with the tunnel eventually opening in 1994”

(Edited to remove rogue paragraph) I think the first mention was in 1802. Although the feasibility was agreed in 1964 when the two countries agreed to build a tunnel, the phase 1 initial studies and signing of a second agreement to cover phase 2 took until 1973. The Labour Government cancelled the project in 1975. Subsequently it was revived by Thatcher as a private investment project in… Read more »
Darren Irving

Thomas C what makes you think we are the 4th highest in the UK for anti depressant prescription?
We are not 4th in the above table and while unemployment does seem to be a factor in some respects age also is!
Anti depressants are not always prescribed purely for depression so the figures may not be accurate!


NHS Prescription figures, released in January, as reported in The Star and elsewhere.

Unemployment is just another sad fact of the collapsing IW economy, along with rural deprivation and an inability to attract good teachers, or NHS staff.

Darren Irving
Thomas – As I said medicine labelled as anti depressants are not just used for that purpose they are also used for but not limited to helping sleep, anxiety, stopping smoking, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines and relieving certain types of pain. So assuming that prescription of anti depressants is certainly not an indication of how mentally depressed an area is ! Only just over 2% of the… Read more »
Darren Irving

cicero – Oh dear “figger” is another texting slang then, strange thought the idea of texting was to lessen the characters you have to type not equal them!
I’m not anti “Overner” or anti “Grockle” at all I wouldn’t want to stop either coming here.
I’m no more important than anyone else but I still have an opinion!


No- nothing to do with texting- (that would probably be “fgrs or figs”. )

Definition of “It figgers”: (phrase) Used in a *negative* situation, it is similar to a sardonic use of “of course”.

Example: Figgers- I washed my car, THEN it rained.

Darren Irving

cicero “(it) Figgers
English: (it) Figures
Definition: (phrase) Used in a negative situation, it is similar to “of course”.
Example: Figgers- I washed my car, THEN it rained.”

Noting the “English” portion of my quote above (3rd line)

Sally Perry

Folks, this is going a little off topic, wouldn’t you agree?


Yes Sal- end of my contributions! :-))

Darren Irving

Indeed it is but many debates do go off topic.
Ok back on topic: maybe we need a fixed link to the English dictionary!


(Darren) LOL! Pax!


Quite right Darren- you have an opinion and I welcome all opinions becsaue in that way we all learn something.

However, maybe you might want to be wary of trying to give that opinion additional gravitas by claiming it comes from a Caulkhead and “a true Islander”?

Darren Irving

cicero – me stating I’m an islander was not meant to add or subtract from the validity of my opinion!
I apologise if it came across like that!
My views are not purely economically driven or biased by the whole cheaper/quicker argument.I don’t like over-development of any area here or anywhere else in the world, we as humans are ruining our habitat!


Fair enough!

Darren Irving

To follow in the Isle of Skye’s FL benchmark where they campaigned to abolish the toll on the FL (Protest group was called S.K.A.T – Skye Bridge Against Tolls) I think I may start a new action group now to counteract my brother kevin’s pro fixed link group so that if we do get a fixed link it will be free to travel on it!



Darren Irving

cicero – Is there a meaning to your acronym?
All I got stuck thinking was:


Solent Link Against Tolls.

or maybe SLAINTE

(S)olent (L)ink (A)gainst (I)niquitous (N)ew (T)olls (E)ver!

Darren Irving

Very good I like it !

I'll Get Flamed

…. but you have no issue with the ferry companies continuing to raise tolls Darren?

Darren Irving
I’ll Get Flamed, I have commented on this subject in a similar thread but will reiterate – I quote: “Does anyone support the idea of the government subsidising the already island links with the mainland? Ferry subsidies could be justified on the grounds that they provide people in isolated regions with a minimum level of mobility and access to services and opportunities, and that they encourage industry… Read more »
Darren Irving

also as to price rises – Inflation is a fact of life unfortunately !

I'll Get Flamed

Except the price rises of recent years are much, much higher than inflation.

Regarding your comments on a separate thread, I have seen those comments and responded on that thread.

Darren Irving

Again maybe regulation or even subsidy of ferries could be an answer?

I'll Get Flamed

Could be …. except the Government isn’t interested in regulating or subsidising the ferries.

It’s nearly 7 years since the Office of Fair Trading refused to take any action on the ferries.

Why would the Government regulate or subsidise? There is no motivation for them to do so and, despite years of lobbying, there has been absolutely no progress on this issue.

Darren Irving
only 8,000 people signed the complaint which led to the investigation by the OFT which is pitiful really to be honest. So you say there is no motivation for regulation or subsidisation of the ferries, so if they did and improved economy, travel costs and depression rates is that not motivation enough? If it’s not then there will be no fixed link either as those are the… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed
As already explained, there is a proven link between investment in infrastructure and economic growth. Not only does a building project directly create jobs, the Government owns an asset on completion. In the case of a FL there would be additional economic gain from 24×7 access. Subsidising the ferries would require continuous funding. The cost of operating ferries is increasing so the cost of the subsidies would… Read more »
Darren Irving
Build the fixed link or actually build 2 so we can access more of the mainland. build more factories and houses, create more jobs, procreate and push the population up until we are falling off the edges, the novelty will soon wear off and there will be another action group in 10 years for a bigger airport to “boost” the economy further! We will need more road… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed

Shame we can’t just have a sensible, moderate discussion rather than continually quoting extremes that will not happen.


…. and government subsidies and/or funding and operating a FL *will* happen?

Porcine Squadron 602 revved-up and ready to scramble from Island airports to combat incoming investment bankers!


I'll Get Flamed

…. and your plan for dealing with the incumbent investment bankers is???

The bankers who currently own the ferry companies, are currently fleecing Islanders and are completely unregulated with no mechanism by which regulation can be achieved.

What are you going to do about those investment bankers?


Good point! Boycott the ferries until prices reduce and/or BBIP and Prudential scream at the government for subsidies?


I have already posted this link before, it’s all scaremongering by the same individuals to justify there argument, the link below shows this to be inaccurate, unless they wish for us to become like the major economic areas of the country for example London, and all its all problems, something they deny will happen here.

I'll Get Flamed
The data in the report you posted is regional data (e.g. London / SE / NE). The Isle of Wight is not even explicitly mentioned! The data is not granular enough to look at our economy – I suspect we are just part of the SE. How about looking at this report produced on behalf of the Isle of Wight Council in association with Red Funnel =>… Read more »

Supposition on your part again I assume in reference to my link?

So you wish to swap the issues that all rural communities have, for ones all urban areas have?

And great news on the GKN contract do you not agree?

I'll Get Flamed

No supposition at all!

I just pointed out that your document made no reference to the Isle of Wight and referenced a document that did – a document commissioned by the Isle of Wight Council and produced in association with Red Funnel.

Yes – great news on the GKN contract.



Red Funnel is a private ferry company of whom you don’t seem to have much that’s nice to say about them, yet you justify your argument with a report which was partly commissioned by them!
Do you not think this report was commissioned to justify there plans for improvement to the terminal at E.Cowes?

And you didn’t answer all of my previous comment questions.

Darren Irving

I would be careful mentioning the GKN contract it could be misconstrued as being “off topic”

I'll Get Flamed

The report was commissioned by the Isle of Wight Council and the LEP.

I have no intention of entering into yet another abstract, boring and tiresome discussion with you.

Simply pointing out that the report you referenced did not mention the Isle of Wight … and referring you to a report that did.

If you have more relevant data, then I’m sure everyone would be interested in seeing it.



You do like avoiding anything that may flaw your scaremongering tactics.
But hey ho, let’s leave it there.
Have a good day fella.

I'll Get Flamed

Richard – I have previously answered every question you have asked. I have done so with well referenced and accurate information.

As for scaremongering, please read your own posts.


I’m not scaremongering anyone, I believe the Island has a great future..


As has been proved with the very recent new contract awarded to GKN

Darren Irving

The more I read brings me to the conclusion that certain anonymous users are maybe more involved in the punt for a FL than just a interested party entering a debate/discussion.

Darren Irving

Richard a round of applause to you, another person that believes in the Island, we can do wonderful things here and have before anyone came up with the ruination of geology by boring or scraping up portions of sea bed to put a tunnel in, perhaps the FL pros could maybe divert the funds they are sure they will get to protecting the island from further erosion?