Islanders miffed by lack of up-to-date waste collection calendars (updated)

Those residents who have been in touch asking when the Isle of Wight council waste calendar would be updated will be interested in this latest info OnTheWight has chased down.

waste calendar

Over the last couple of weeks OnTheWight has had several readers get in touch asking about the Isle of Wight waste collection calendar.

The calendar is something the Isle of Wight Council and Amey (the contractor) provides each year to keep residents informed of when their landfill or recycling collections will be.

With the recent problems at Lynnbottom Tip due to reduced hours, roadside collection is even more important.

Delay in update to calendars
It appears there has been a delay in updating the calendars this year, as the IWC Website is still displaying the 2017/18 calendar which expired at the end of last month.

OnTheWight took this up with the council and can confirm that new waste calendars will “arrive through people’s doors from 29th May”.

Online version
If you can’t wait that long to find out where you stand with roadside waste collections, the online version (PDFs) has now been updated on the IWC Website.

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Wednesday, 9th May, 2018 1:52pm



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Not everyone is on line my mom relies on the calendar and stresses about the Christmas changes, likes to be aware in advance

I agree, there will always be people who need the physical copy, just wish that there was some sort of sign up procedure for those wanting paper copies. Thousands and thousands will just bin the paper copy, then when they need a reminder will flock online to either social media and ask, or go direct to the website. It’s must cost so much to supply every household… Read more »
This is ridiculous…it’s not like they knew when the old calendars ran out, must have been such a shock for them to realise! ‘Tut’ I actually contacted the council a week or so ago about this. I was told there was a delay with printing the new calendars. (Such a waste of paper and resources in sending printed ones to every household in this day and age)… Read more »

And, as if by magic, the new calendar is online!


How come Ventnor is in West Wight ?


Sally, When I click on your ‘Tuesday West’link it takes me to last year’s calendar???


What a load of rubbish!!


correct me if I am wrong, but is the collection not a a fortnight cycle, as in black bins one week and Green the next.


Yes, true … but if like me and you have a brain like a sieve, and can’t remember what you ate for dinner yesterday, let alone which bin you put out last week, then a calendar is invaluable!