Isle of Wight council form partnership with Chinese region

A memorandum of agreement has been formed between Enshi in Western China and the Isle of Wight. The partnership will focus on sharing knowledge, promoting collaboration between the two territories, and looking to develop a programme of exchange between businesses, students and organisations.

Chinese delegation

A partnership was forged between the Isle of Wight and the city of Enshi in Western China, when a delegation from the office of the Mayor of Enshi visited the Island today (Wednesday).

The Chair of the Isle of Wight Council, Cllr Lora Peacey-Wilcox, greeted the Mayor of Enshi Su Yong and other Chinese officials at a civic reception in County Hall.

Memorandum of agreement
A memorandum of agreement was signed to outline the proposed partnership, which will focus on sharing knowledge, promoting collaboration between the two territories, and looking to develop a programme of exchange between businesses, students and organisations.

The link with Enshi came through mainland firm Cambridge International Education Ltd whose primary role is arranging student study and exchanges.

Interest in the Island
Whilst planning a visit to the UK, officials from Enshi became interested in the Isle of Wight. In particular they expressed an interest in the Island’s ability to accommodate and host large events such as music festivals and Cowes Week; along with the strong and diverse tourism offer.

The Enshi officials made contact with the Isle of Wight Council, and as a result the Mayor was invited to visit the Island by Cllr Dave Stewart.

Whittle: “An ambitious programme of regeneration”
Cllr Wayne Whittle, Isle of Wight council cabinet member for business development, regeneration and tourism, said:

“As an island we have begun an ambitious programme of regeneration and we are very keen to share our experience with others involved in a similar journey, and to learn from them.

“We have specific priorities to build on our successful digital industries and to attract students to choose the Isle of Wight as a place to further their studies when based in the United Kingdom.

“I was very proud to show off our wonderful island to the Mayor and his colleagues, and I look forward to a productive relationship with the city of Enshi.”

Developing links
Mr Xiong Zhu, director of the Enshi bureau of tourism and development, said:

“We are delighted to be able to visit your beautiful island and promote it as a place to stay for Chinese visitors – we also hope to develop links on lots of other issues that are important to us both.”

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Email updates?

Do Enshi have any knowledge of how to run a successful floating bridge?. Any advice would be appreciated!


Comrade Stewart!

Are the Isle of Wight Conservatives showing the future direction of the party in embracing Communism?

The weather in Beijing is very pleasant at this time of year I hear.

I do not believe it

I am very excited!!!!! Is there a possibility, even a feint possibility, that the good burghers of Enshi will take over the running of the IW Council from Dave and his clowns who currently mismanage our affairs?

iain mckie
China remains a one-party authoritarian state that systemically curbs fundamental rights. Since President Xi Jinping assumed power in 2013, the government has arbitrarily detained and prosecuted hundreds of activists and human rights lawyers and defenders. It has tightened control over nongovernmental organizations, activists, media, and the internet through a slew of new laws that cast activism and peaceful criticism as state security threats. In 2016, the government… Read more »
Ok, forget the politics for a minute; it isn’t necessary to drag up the dirt. Not everyone is involved in any countrys ruling regime be it good or bad. There are many Chinese visitors to this country and they are generally polite, interested and contribute to the tourism economy here. This is a tourism visit and could benefit both sides. Try googling “Enshi China” and take a… Read more »

Oh, another free holiday at our expense….

iain mckie

On the day after the twenty ninth anniversary of the Tienanmen Square massacre.

Robert Jones
Presumably the point being that China still has a repressive government. As indeed it has, but it’s not the same government as it was in 1989, the country has changed greatly, and similar considerations do not seem to prevent us from trading with Saudi Arabia – as just one example – which still practices public execution by beheading and is involved in war by proxy in the… Read more »
iain mckie

For clarity, China has a vile regime, an appalling record on human rights, is the world’s largest user of capital punishment, and terrorises neighboring states.


Is it really necessary to have a rant? Try looking up and reading about Enshi, you may learn something.


They are far from alone in their poor record though are they. The USA and Israel spring to mind.

Steve Goodman

‘Also in the year of the ninety ninth anniversary of the Peterloo massacre.’

Mark L Francis

So who are we going to trade with after Brexit?
It doesn’t seem that we are in much of a position to pick & choose does it?


After Brexit countries will be queuing up to trade with us. Especially the USA. Oh hang on a minute!

Mark L Francis

Then there’s Russia of course…that’s another one…