Isle of Wight council leader sends message of thanks to our ‘true Island heroes’

So far, a staggering 600-plus Islanders have answered the government’s ‘call to arms’, stepping up to do what they can to fight the virus and help those on the front lines

Dave Stewart

The leader of the Isle of Wight Council has sent a heartfelt message of thanks to volunteers and community groups working around the clock to support vulnerable residents during the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

Councillor Dave Stewart said an army of volunteers had mobilised to help and support vulnerable people to stay safe and at home during the pandemic.

So far, a staggering 600-plus Islanders have answered the government’s ‘call to arms’, stepping up to do what they can to fight the virus and help those on the front lines.

Councillor Stewart said:

“On behalf of the Island community, I want to say thank you for what you are doing.

“You are the lifeblood of our community at this time and without the tremendous work you are putting in, many of our vulnerable people would be at immense risk from this dreadful virus.

“We know this battle will take weeks and probably months to overcome but we will remove this blight from our community and now is the time for us all to do everything we can to protect our future.”

Local support Website
A new dedicated Covid-19 Website provides information on the local support and community efforts available across the Island.

The Website allows residents to search by location and includes information on local businesses offering home delivery, tips and advice on looking after your own mental health, pharmacy information and contact details for local support groups and organisations.

Dedicated helpline
The council has also set up a dedicated helpline for vulnerable people who do not have a local network of friends or family to support them while they are self-isolating or social distancing.

People can call (01983) 823600 seven days a week, 9am to 5pm, for support.

Councillor Stewart said:

“I look at you all and from the depths of my heart I want to thank you for coming forward and helping – you are all true Island champions, everyone of you.

“The time will come when this emergency will be over and we will all be able to look back with pride at what you and many others will have achieved for our Island.”

Become a volunteer
Do you think you might be able to help our Island during the Covid-19 pandemic by becoming a volunteer?

If yes, please complete this form

Your details will be passed on to charities and community groups working on the Island to support people through the Covid-19 crisis.

You are not committing yourself to anything, simply saying you are happy to be contacted by organisations who are looking for volunteers.

Government Covid-19 guidance: Stay alert and stay safe
Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently (video tips).

Social distancing
It is recommended that you maintain at least a two metre gap (about 6.5ft) from people who are not from your household.

Seeking advice
Use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service that can tell if you need medical help and advise you what to do.

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Yes these volunteers are an absolute credit to the island; shame you as Leader of the Council, don’t have the same community spirit; all your Council has done is cut everything to the bone impoverishing people, causing them hardship and sadness. Maybe you can learn a few lessons on humanity.


These are real people, real, caring and principled. Nothing more to add about the Council.


Hang your head in shame. How can you be so vindictive at this period in our history?
Everyone on OUR Isle of Wight Council is a volunteer and they all dig in for us irrespective of any mainstream political affiliation they may have and within the financial restrictions imposed by governments of whatever colour. None of them deserve insults.


Chelsea is absolutely correct. Financial restrictions have been imposed by one Govt, the Conservatives. If they hadn’t cut services so drastically, and unnecessarily, as has been proven by all this money suddenly being available, the NHS and other frontline staff wouldn’t be in such a state now.

Angela Hewitt

The Conservatives, their advisers and ministers have driven this country into the ground with bad decision making but, it is our Conservative council that decides how our meager precept is divided up and how much rates we have to pay to top it up. I am not sure what Snowy means by everyone on the council being volunteers – are they not being paid?


Hermit, economics is obviously beyond you. Carry on printing £s, we will be like Venezuela.

Steve Goodman

Governments worldwide, now doing just that in a previously unimaginable wave of intervention, obviously don’t agree.


Sadly snowey you don’t appear to recognise the exploitive heartless economic system of Capitalism and those that expedite it that being the Tories with their current Neo- Liberalism policies destroying people’s lives. The Tories only represent those with the power and control, business and the very rich in society.

The thumbs down brigade need to wake up, what world do they live in. I can only assume they’ve got a good job with a good salary and a fancy house, however that can be taken away by those that own the means of production and get rid of people as the market place dictates, which is a great leveller. Alternatively they be rich so it doesn’t… Read more »

We are all a click away from being in the gutter when you loose your job, can’t get another one and have little or no money. Don’t kid yourselves thumbs down brigade it might be you, unless you are part of the ruling class who don’t give a xxxx

Not everyone is a volunteer, they get paid with certain individuals not doing anything and not attending meetings but still take the money, so get real Snowey. FACTS – this Tory government is totally responsible for over a decade of imposed austerity where the majority have suffered greatly with cuts, cuts and more cuts including the NHS and it’s now come back to haunt us with this… Read more »

Three councillors clearly


People contact is the killer


Unbelievable thumbs down, wake up the virus is closer than you think


Self, self, self you should definitely be isolated somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic


The number of deaths is frightening, please take a reality check thumbs down and release yourself from the bubble you clearly live in.


Not a clue thumbs down muppets


I’ve lost faith in humanity some people are so selfish it’s unbelievable. We are in a national emergency. Every daily update reminds us all what we need to do yet the minority still don’t get it carry on putting more people at risk and may die. Mindless idiots.


Thick as mince thumbs down brigade

Sally Perry

Maybe now is a good time to remind all of those commenting of our House Rules – they include no name calling.

Thank you