Isle of Wight council to offer Roads PFI architect a third bite at the cherry

Having been paid by the Isle of Wight council to work out if there were any savings to be made on the Highways PFI contract (the one he originally architected), JJ could now be paid more money to make those savings. Nice!

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After OnTheWight revealed in March this year about the return of Jay Jayasundara to the Isle of Wight, the Cabinet are now discussing the interim appointment of the ‘PFI expert’ to make savings for the council on the contract he was the architect of. In their own words. Ed

The Isle of Wight Council plans to save £40 million through changes to its contract with Island Roads.

The proposed move could achieve a potential saving of £2 million a year for the council for the remaining two decades of the 25-year deal.

Interim appointment of Jay Jayasundara
While the local authority recognises the current arrangements have delivered significant improvements to the Island’s highways infrastructure, it believes the savings can be achieved.

Next week, Cabinet members will consider the interim appointment of Jasmine Consulting UK, which has detailed knowledge of the contract through its director and former council employee Jay Jayasundara, to start work on the savings programme.

It follows preliminary investigations carried out by the company earlier this year.

Metcalfe: “Jay Jayasundara is an expert … with this contract”
Council Chief Executive, John Metcalfe, said:

“Although the arrangement with Island Roads has delivered great progress to date, it’s right and proper we look at our big contracts, given they are long-term commitments.

“Jay Jayasundara is an expert in this field and with this contract, which he was instrumental in setting up in 2013.

“His work earlier this year was important in identifying possible savings, which would help the council’s finances moving forward.

“Our need to save another £16.5 million over the next three years is well documented and must be achieved.

“It has to be right that we do everything we can to find savings on contracts like these.

“The council has decided this is the best way of kick-starting it, as we move forward with the aim of achieving best value for money.

“We’re also keen to ensure our successful partnership with Island Roads continues because it’s clear to everyone how much our road network has improved.

“We’re confident this work can achieve both of those objectives.”

Programme to cost up to £200,000
The existing contract attracted unprecedented government investment into the Island’s infrastructure and has already yielded savings of around £5 million since 2013, compared to previous spending on highways.

The interim arrangements to achieve further savings will cost £70,000 and will be in place while the council conducts an open procurement process for support to deliver the longer-term programme, costing up to £200,000.

The Cabinet meets at County Hall, Newport, at 5pm on Thursday 12 July.

The paper
Full details can be found in the paper below.

Image: Images Money under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 4th July, 2018 4:23pm



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Mike Starke
My research into the PFI fiasco goes back to 2006. It’s well documented here and elsewhere. And I still have all those documents to back it up. I cannot believe what is being proposed. Jay Jayasundara was paid £180,000-or-so a year for three years to produce a watertight 25-year PFI highways contract with Vinci-Meridiam. The current IW Council leader, Cllr Dave Stewart, was among those who accepted… Read more »
Fred Karno
Were we not originally told some years ago, that this long term contract, (for 25 years?) PFI was set in stone and was guaranteed free Government money? Or did I hear wrongly? Obviously we were being comprehensively lied to by the politicos. It seems beyond belief that one of the original architects, described as ‘an expert’ has been wheeled out. This is worse than a never ending… Read more »
This man ‘stitched’ the Island up first time around, leaving out major issues that should have been included in the contract and weren’t! So the IOW Council have recently paid him how much to look into the appalling contract he originally signed off? Have I got this right…..his company now gets the contract to make the savings that we are all paying for because of his mess… Read more »

You couldn’t make it up!

More fodder for Private Eye.

Steve Goodman


This piece of costly council folly and forgetfulness fodder features in the latest Rotten Boroughs section (p.16 of PE 1475)


Could it be that JJ knows where the bodies are buried?

Slightly off topic but an illustration of how the IOW council operates. I went to Lynbottom tip yesterday and was greeted with a battered yellow road sign that instructed would be tippers to drive straight on and not to block the road if the slip road was full. Yes, right, loaded up with stuff to get rid of, I can just see everyone driving on. The IWC… Read more »
SO WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT??? We seem to be agreeing at every turn that democracy as currently implemented in the UK DOES NOT WORK. We have only one tool left in the box: DIRECT ACTION. I don’t like the concept but there is nothing left. Exclude the councillors (or at least the current admin) from County Hall. They won’t mind until they find that they… Read more »