Isle of Wight councillor hits out as Floating Bridge suspended again due to failures

The Isle of Wight councillor for East Cowes has hit out at the administration calling for the ‘piece of junk’ to be sent back

floating bridge suspended sign

The Cowes Floating Bridge is out of service this morning due to a technical issue.

A passenger launch is in operation for foot passengers and the Isle of Wight council apologise for the inconvenience.

Love: “Sick to death of the disruption caused”
The Isle of Wight councillor for East Cowes, Karl Love, has hit out at the Conservative administration, saying,

“The floating bridge is off yet again and no doubt our Tory Administration will continue to say it’s a good reliable service.

“We, the people of East and West Cowes, are sick to death of the disruption caused every time it fails.

“The only option is to order a new replacement floating bridge and send this one back.

“I’m tired of hearing from Cllrs Ward and Stewart that it is a ‘good reliable service’ and 99% reliable.”

Love: Send back this “piece of junk”
He went on to say,

“We need a fresh approach. I have stated clearly stated I will send back this piece of junk once a new replacement model has been ordered and arrives. 

“Our council needs to carry out and execute with conviction its intent to take legal action to recover damages for the significant losses and under performance of the floating bridge.  

“I’m informed that our Isle of Wight Council are considering its options in this matter.  I say stop considering and do something.”

Thursday, 28th November, 2019 10:09am



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8 Comments on "Isle of Wight councillor hits out as Floating Bridge suspended again due to failures"

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Most of us have been decrying this useless skip shaped pile of scrap since the first week of service and have all but given up on anyone anywhere actually doing something positive about it. That a Councillor has ‘had a pop’ will not alter the facts. This junk will be glued together with Pritstik before anyone in a position to change it makes an appearance! Our council… Read more »

FYI many of the stakeholders have been speaking with the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership, which gave the Council the money for the floating bridge, about how bad the floating bridge is and how Council is trying to downplay all of the problems.

Benny C

If you’re right then this means we have yet another useless Councillor, all huff and no puff. There are ways to make this uncomfortable. His job is to activate them, not just make the headlines. Any fool can place a moaning press article. It takes brains to win a campaign.


I think the only place this craft should be afloat is Pounds Scrapyard Portsmouth along with what was it’s reliable predecessor.


I stopped using it some time ago, instead of being essential and useful as it should truly be, it is something to be totally avoided, it is simply not worth the frustration and wasted time.

Benny C
Can anyone out there calculate the carbon burnt by frustrated users driving the long way round? Then we should ask Ian Ward for his proposal to offset the secondary environmental impacts of his awful stewardship of this disastrous project. I was in a pub in Ventnor the other evening and I noticed that people are starting to talk factually and intelligently about how dreadful this Councillors performance… Read more »

Target practice for HMS Queen Elizabeth /Prince Charles.Well done cllr Love!

Rhos yr Alarch

This hardly counts as “news” any more…