Isle of Wight Dinosaur mobile phone app rumoured

A Worldwide film release by Fox, based on BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs, should benefit Isle of Wight tourism.

Twentieth Century Fox has bought into the BBC’s popular Walking With Dinosaurs franchise and are in the process of creating a $65 million, 3D computer-rendered feature film that will be released worldwide Christmas 2013.

The Isle of Wight should directly benefit from what will turn out to be a Global spike of re-interest in Dinos. The Island is, after all, very important in the Dinosaur world (details below).

Island-focused mobile phone app
OnTheWight understands that that a mobile phone application is being developed that will let visitors to the Island point their handsets at various points in the Island and ‘see’ Dinosaurs roving Isle of Wight landscape.

It’s using augmented reality, which superimposes graphics on top of the actual landscape, when viewed through a smart phone handset.

Should be a good boost for Isle of Wight tourism.

Why the Island is important in the Dinosaur world
Many Islanders don’t realise quite how important the Isle of Wight is in the Dinosaur world, as Dr Gareth Dyke told the IW Cafe Scientifique in January, the Island is one of the two most important sites in the world for the Lower Cretaceous period – which follows the famed Jurassic – after the discovery of the remains of Eotyrannus, Neovenator and Yaverlandia (Yes, found at Yaverland).

Find out more about the Dinosaur Island App.

Image: Evergreen films

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