Isle of Wight Green Party set out their objections to plans for 475 homes on farmland

The Isle of Wight Green party say that whilst the planned massive increases in house building will be a win-win for short term speculators, “Islanders and our countryside will certainly be the losers”

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Isle of Wight Green Party is urging the public to submit their objections to the proposed 475 housing development on land at Westridge Farm, Ryde as the deadline for the public consultation ends this Friday (11th September).

The Green Party executive committee have submitted their own formal objection (see below) detailing the loss of prime agricultural land and wildlife habitat, the lack of analysis of flood risk and impact of climate change, and the dependence on car transport for the development.

Current crisis in planning regulations
In addition, the local party are contacting members and supporters to urge them to object to the plans, and are holding the Conservative Government and Isle of Wight Council responsible for the current crisis in planning regulations which will only lead to even more completely inappropriate development in our countryside and our towns.

Lowthion: Post-covid bonfire of planning regulations
Vix Lowthion, IW Green Party spokesperson, said,

“This is a catastrophic failure at the heart of our Council and national government.

“Our local Island Plan still is incomplete, plus the Boris Johnson government have pledged a post-covid bonfire of planning regulations. This means that our Island has now defaulted to the pro-development National Planning Policy Framework, which has significant consequences for a rural isolated community such as the Isle of Wight.”

James: Islanders will be losers
Daniel James, Chair of the IW Greens, continued,

“We know how badly local people need new homes, but building huge estates on prime agricultural land is not the solution. Our MP’s intervention in our local council’s process of housing allocation has led to strategic paralysis. The lack of clarity of figures in terms of our five year housing supply has removed the barriers to inappropriate development all across the Island.

“Meanwhile, the Conservative Government is now proposing massive increases in house building. This may be a win-win for short term speculators, but Islanders and our countryside will certainly be the losers.”

Deadline for the public consultation on this Planning Application 20/01061/FUL is this Friday, 11th September.

OBJECTION to the Proposed 475 housing development on land known as Westridge Farm, Ryde.

The Isle of Wight Green Party strongly object to the plans to build hundreds of houses on a greenfield site, joining up the urban areas of Ryde, Nettlestone and Seaview into one large conurbation (against SP1 of the Island Core Strategy).

The loss of the dairy farm on this site is to be regretted as the Isle of Wight has already lost many dairy farms in the last 25 years, leaving us with only 10 dairy farms. But this 38 hectare site is prime agricultural land – classified by DEFRA as Grade 2 and 3 agricultural land. The Isle of Wight needs to become more, not less, self-sufficient in producing food. Once built upon, this agricultural land will be lost forever.

We recognise the very real need for more provision for housing for local people, but building huge estates on prime agricultural land is not the solution. There are an abundance of brownfield and lower grade land which can be utilised for local and affordable housing – this is the wrong site for a housing development on this scale.

This planning application does not comply with the local planning policy SP5 (Environment core strategy) and DM13 (Green infrastructure) as it does not protect, conserve or enhance the island’s natural environment. This planning application will also be car dependent and add to road congestion, as it allows for an extra 1,076 parking spaces on the site! This planning application does not include a site-specific Flood Risk Assessment and fails to take the impact of climate change into account.

This planning application also fails to meet the housing needs of Ryde and the surrounding areas, as it will provide large 3 and 4 bedroom houses and not the smaller 1 and 2 bed starter homes. Finally, this planning application fails to take protection of local wildlife seriously, with inadequate provision for bats, badgers and other small mammals as well as destruction of hedgerows and natural habitats.

We urge the IW Council to reject this planning application, and others similar in scale and impact.

News shared by Vix Lowthion on behalf of Isle of Wight Green Party. Ed

Image: © Jax Kerr

Tuesday, 8th September, 2020 8:12am



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I despair that this is happening to a family that has farmed that land for generations. Yet on the other side of the island is another planning application for a farm that used to be a dairy farm now having to diversify into other entertainments to make a living. So we should be protecting and preserving West Acre Farm with the dairy herd not only for the… Read more »
Steve Goodman
I share that despair, which is worsened by the unwarranted repetition of hatred and lying here, especially if politically motivated. For those whose comments demonstrate a desire to deal here with hypocrisy, greed, arrogance, naked ambition, false claims, aggressive electioneering, controlling and high-handed behaviour, and trashing pubs – why not start at the top with a look at the world-class disgraceful record of our once great country’s… Read more »

Thanks Green Party IOW, this is great news. Although I have to agree with @fedupbritain here, the hypocrisy is the reason they don’t get my vote.

Largely I don’t agree with Green Party policies, but I believe that they are essential as part of a broad political balance. That said, for their views to be heard effectively and taken onto the agenda they require a credible face. [Part of comment removed by moderator] Normally this could be written off, but here on IW the Greens have their third (?) highest level of support… Read more »

Couldn’t agree more

It’s not just Vix’s hypocrisy that concerns me about the Isle of Wight Green Party, but also their extremely aggressive electioneering, their false claims at successive elections that they are the main opposition party and that Labour should stand down their parliamentary candidate and urge their supporters to vote for Vix instead. It’s Vix’s naked ambition to be elected at all costs that concerns me, her arrogance,… Read more »
Vix Lowthion



Vix is a passionate politician, teacher and hardworking mother – that’s pretty impressive and admirable. I find these highly personal attacks deeply uncomfortable.


Hear, hear @Tamara

Right, so this is the same Vix Lowthion who wanted to make a packet of money by buying an old pub which she wanted to convert into multiple dwellings, then ran out of cash, so she then decided to let the whole building and plot rot and dilapidate causing a monstrous blot on the landscape near Brighston for years. Hardly the one to be preaching about responsible… Read more »

well said

Vix Lowthion
No I did not want to convert it into multiple dwellings. I never applied for that and never wanted that. I lived in the living accommodation as my home. It was not ‘left to rot’ it was instructed to be pulled down by building regs at the Council as the foundations were found to not be adequate for a modern dwelling. You think you know the truth,… Read more »