Isle of Wight Greens open nominations for Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

If you think you have what it takes to be a prospective parliamentary candidate for the Isle of Wight Green Party, you’re invited to take part in the open nominations.

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The Isle of Wight Green Party has opened nominations for its Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the next General Election.

Last June’s election saw the Green candidate increase their support by 37% from 2015, and achieve the second highest Green vote in the whole of the UK.

Vix Lowthion’s vote share was surpassed among Greens only by sitting Brighton MP and national co-leader Caroline Lucas.

IW key target for national party
It is expected that the Island will remain a key election target for the national Green Party, and so the strongest candidate possible is essential to gain a second Green seat at Westminster.

Daniel James, chair of the local party, said,

“As a prospective MP, Vix Lowthion works extremely hard to promote Green issues and campaign for the Island community. Our local party has grown exponentially since she joined us.

“Yet we are a fully democratic party which does not automatically re-select candidates. Any local member can put themselves forward for consideration, in an open process.

“With dwindling support for our reckless government hurtling towards a no-deal Brexit, and the Irish border question far from resolved, we have to be ready for another snap General Election.”

Get in touch
Prospective candidates, who need to be a current member of the Isle of Wight Green Party, are requested to email the local election agent at with the names of two seconders and a statement of no more than 250 words.

The closing date for nominations is 10pm on 25th June, with initial hustings at 7pm on 18th June at the Riverside Centre in Newport.

The result of the vote by local members will be declared in July.

Article from Vix Lowthion on behalf of the Isle of Wight Green Party. Ed

Image: bagelmouse under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 29th May, 2018 11:23am



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18 Comments on "Isle of Wight Greens open nominations for Prospective Parliamentary Candidate"

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Email updates?
Geoff Brodie

Maybe a 37% increase in actual votes, but only a 4% increase in vote share and still a very distant third. Only Labour, comfortably second last time, with the right candidate can challenge the Tory MP.


You sound like a LibDem leaflet, Geoff ;-)

Geoff Brodie

I know. They rammed that message down Labour’s throat for 40 years on the Island prior to the Clegg sellout of 2010. The boot is now very clearly on the other foot.


Which foot is that, Geoff? Mainstream, Independent Labour, Militant, Blairite or Momentum? Even you, Geoff, otherwise our best hope, have shown that you can’t tolerate the Labour in-fighting. Oh, for an Opposition!
Whoever you/they choose, please _not_ Julian “Sandpaper” Critchley.

Geoff Brodie

The choice is nothing to do with me. As for which foot ? As ever supportive of the current Labour leader, with whom I have agreed for 35 years.

Not really. In the right circumstances, it is possible to see the Tories being defeated at parliamentary level on the island by a LibDem, a Green, or an Independent. But the probability of a Labour win remains as close to zero as makes any difference; the second place scored last time is likely as high as Labour can get given the island’s electorate. All the Labour votes… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

Nonsense. So in 2015 17,000 Labour voters should have jumped over to the deposit-losing LibDem with their 2,700 voters or the deposit-losing Independent with her 1,600 votes ? Or, in your dreams, even the Greens ?


With respect, you are missing the point, which is how and who can get the extra votes that would be needed to beat the Tories. There are enough people on the island who will never vote Labour to make sure that, for any Labour candidate, it cannot be done.


p.s. Yes, the voting system is unfair, but then Labour should have kept its promise to change it when it had the chance.

Geoff Brodie

And enough people on the Island who will never vote anything but Labour. In my 30 years on the Island I have seen one election where voting tactically, but not Labour, worked. And that was 21 years ago…….


All the more reason why Labour should encourage them to vote for a party morally and politically aligned with Labour, to ensure a result acceptable to both. Time you started to make more positive noises about the Greens, Geoff.

Geoff Brodie

What is it about ‘will never vote anything but Labour’ that is so incomprehensible to Greens ? Build on the Labour vote by abandoning votes for third placed parties – wasted under FPTP.


Sorry your ex-colleagues are so blinkered, Geoff.
But what a shame the government you used to support reneged on its promise to reform our voting system. FPTP defeats democracy.


That’s not “building the Labour vote”, that’s hijacking votes cast in good faith for others. In some countries you can get severely punished for that. Here, anything goes as long as the Tories win.

Geoff Brodie

Isn’t ‘hijacking votes’ what your Greens and their candidate in perpetuity advocated at the last two general elections !


People will always blindly vote for an ideology, without considering the consequences.

Having read the comments of Councillor Chris Whitehouse in last weeks County Press, I think I will certainly not be going for the Green Party party at the moment.

I now think Geoff may have a valid point.

bigj, what makes you think that Cllr Whitehouse has his finger on the pulse? Until he stood down recently he was part of the system that destroyed education on this Island; now he seeks to pass the blame to others for not undoing his and his colleagues’ mistakes. Have we heard him, a champion of education, suggest forming a Trust to take on the Studio School? No,… Read more »
Steve Goodman

This tip-off just led me to look at a CP to see what the disgraced Private Eye content provider was trying to get away with now.

‘Angry, Ruthless, Self-serving, Exploitative’

Writing about what he is familiar with? At least he is using his own name this time.