Isle of Wight Labour see rise in membership since General Election: Focus now turns to local elections

With a rise in memberships since the General Election, the focus for Island Labour will now be the Isle of Wight council elections that take place in 2021

Richard Quigley

Since the General Election on 12th December, Island Labour membership has risen by 118, taking the party to nearly 1,000 members on the Isle of Wight.

New members joining before 20th January will be able to vote in the Labour leadership contest.

Progressive momentum behind Labour Party
Island Labour Chair, Julian Critchley (pictured left), said:

“I think this is probably down to three factors. Firstly, there are people joining in order to ensure their voice can be heard in the leadership election. Secondly, we always receive a boost to membership after a general election, because the increased focus on the political situation inspires people to join up.

“On the Island, there’s a third factor, which is that we’ve shown that 2017 wasn’t a one-off result, and the progressive momentum locally is all behind the Labour Party.

“Despite Labour’s vote falling nationally, our vote grew here on the Isle of Wight, demonstrating the strength of the party locally.”

Julian went on to say,

“The local elections are next year, and Islanders who are desperate to remove the Tories from power in Newport are now under no illusions as to which party will be challenging them.

“To put this in context, in 2017, the total Tory vote in Council elections across the Island was 18,377.

“In December, Richard Quigley’s (pictured right) vote as Labour candidate was 18,078. So we know there are enough Labour voters out there to win many seats on the council and remove the Tories’ majority. Our job now is to get those voters to turn out next year.”

He finished by saying

“I’m delighted to welcome all our new members, particularly those who have previously supported other progressive parties, to Island Labour.

“There’s a real need for change on the Island, and through the efforts of our members, we’re going to deliver it.”

News shared by Julian on behalf of Island Labour. Ed

Image: © With kind permission of Allan Marsh

Thursday, 9th January, 2020 12:20pm



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Ian Young

In the forthcoming Labour leadership election party members have a stark choice.

Either vote for hope and a future, or vote for long term irrelevance and terminal decline.

There is in my opinion only one candidate who has any chance of leading Labour to victory any time soon and it is not Long Bailey, Starmer, Thornberry, Lewis or Phillips.

I might just pay £25 to vote for her.

Geoff Brodie

Do you know what Ian. Unusually, I think I might just agree with you. They would reject my £25 as a ‘registered’ supporter though, whilst hypocritically accepting my monthly donations to the national and Newport parties. N.B. Most definitely no donations to the IW Constituency party!



Ironic to say the least!

Geoff Brodie

In 2017 IW Labour won 17,121 votes at the general election and 4,308 at that year’s IW Council elections, with barely 6 weeks between them. A general election campaign is focused on one candidate; local election campaigns on a team of candidates. In 2019 they will need a better team than last team, where I was (as is often the case) the only successful Labour candidate.


If you join the Labour party – do you have to walk around with your hands in your pockets?


Early contender for the most inane comment of the year award.


If you xant think if anything to say, why bother @YJC

Well done to Richard for his efforts during the GE, under different circumstances he might have become an excellent constituency MP for the island. However, with the Labour hierarchy dominated by a middle class metropolitan elite who have neither got their hands dirty nor boots muddy earning a living they have little appeal. They even had the audacity to insinuate that working people voted the wrong way… Read more »