Julian Critchley

Julian Critchley is the Isle of Wight Labour Party’s prospective parliamentary candidate in the 2017 snap General Election.

He attracted a whopping 17,121 votes – nearly doubling the number of votes from the 2015 general election.

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Isle of Wight council risk isolating rural areas, say Island Labour

snow plough isle of wight

Island Labour say the cuts "appear to have passed through the Isle of Wight Council without proper scrutiny, and with no public consultation"

Thursday, 17th October, 2019 12:04pm

By Julian Critchley with 2 readers' comments

Isle of Wight politicians respond to Supreme Court prorogation decision

houses of parliament

As well as asking Isle of Wight MP his views on the Supreme Court ruling today, OnTheWight asked Isle of Wight politicians their views.

Tuesday, 24th September, 2019 6:12pm

By Sally Perry with 16 readers' comments

Wightlink pier price hike ‘unacceptable’ say Isle of Wight Labour

julian critchley - Allan Marsh

Island Labour say the price hike is "naked exploitation of a captive market by a monopoly provider".

Monday, 9th September, 2019 2:18pm

By Julian Critchley with 13 readers' comments

Isle of Wight residents invited to protest against proroguing Parliament

Typewriter showing prorouging parliament

Conservative Isle of Wight MP, Robert Seely, made his views known yesterday - to a mixed response - and this Saturday Islanders For Europe and The Labour Party are planning protests in Newport.

Thursday, 29th August, 2019 8:29am

By Sally Perry with 35 readers' comments

Mixed views from Isle of Wight political parties on £48m NHS funding (updated)

calculator and money

Isle of Wight politicians share their responses to the news that Isle of Wight NHS Trust will receive a £48m cash boost for the acute services redesign.

Monday, 5th August, 2019 11:59am

By Sally Perry with 6 readers' comments

Isle of Wight Labour Party urges ‘common sense’ on fining parents


Island Labour say there is a worrying trend towards seeing this issue as a revenue-raising action, rather than one which puts the child and family first.

Thursday, 1st August, 2019 11:55am

By Julian Critchley with 2 readers' comments

Isle of Wight council make unexpected move on All Saints’ primary closure

children and teachers on grass

The council has received a legal challenge in relation to the closure notice.

Tuesday, 30th July, 2019 4:57pm

By Sally Perry

Isle of Wight Labour backs the party’s Green New Deal

Earth day green heart :

Labour say when in office they'll "kick start a Green Industrial Revolution to safeguard our future and transform our economy".

Thursday, 25th July, 2019 2:34pm

By Julian Critchley with 7 readers' comments

Social isolation a killer, say Island Labour in response to council plans to cut free travel

Bus Stop:

For those with mental health problems, social isolation can be a killer, say Island Labour, in response to IWC's plans to cut free travel for some.

Wednesday, 17th July, 2019 11:32am

By Julian Critchley with 13 readers' comments

‘Do you support fox hunting Bob Seely?’ asks Isle of Wight Labour

fox hunting

Island Labour say that Bob Seely supported lifting the ban before the 2017 election, then switched sides. They call on him to "come out in the open and tell us whether he would vote to keep the ban".

Thursday, 4th July, 2019 9:39am

By Julian Critchley with 13 readers' comments

National funding bid hopes to revive Ryde’s historic character

Ryde boat with flowers

It's hoped a successful bid will enable enhancement of the whole of the High Street, in particular drawing on aspects of heritage to bring back a sense of history, consider the use of the squares and how those can be improved, as well as looking at connectivity between different areas.

Thursday, 4th July, 2019 9:27am

By Peter Gruner with 3 readers' comments

Opposition parties comment on Johnson and Hunt visit

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson

The Isle of Wight is the first constituency in the UK to host a dedicated event for both the candidates in their quest to be the next Prime Minister. Opposition parties share their views on the visit.

Wednesday, 26th June, 2019 9:58am

By Sally Perry with 18 readers' comments