Isle of Wight McDonald’s drive-thru re-opening is minutes away

McDonald’s have just confirmed to News OnTheWight that their Isle of Wight Drive-Thru is re-opening shortly for the first time since lockdown. Will it attract the massive traffic jams seen elsewhere in the country?

mcdonalds drive thru sign

McDonald’s fast food restaurant in Ryde reopens at 11am today (Wednesday) to drive-thru customers.

There will be some notable changes including:

  • Fewer employees in kitchens to enable teams to social distance and work safely
  • A limited menu (no breakfast or Shakes for now) and will open for reduced hours (11am-10pm)
  • Customers are encouraged to use contactless payment methods and cap your spend at £25
  • For those visiting our Drive Thrus, you can browse the menu, order and pay ahead using the My McDonald’s App – your order will start to be preapred when you’re near the restaurant.

Yesterday long queues were reported in Scotland when McDonald’s reopened some drive-thru branches there.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s told OnTheWight,

“We are glad to be back but it will look a little different and may take a little longer, so please bear with us.

“We’re delighted to be returning to communities across the UK and Ireland, thank you for your continued support and patience. We look forward to seeing you soon.”

Newport Isle of Wight’s McDonald’s branch remains closed to the public.

Image: Willis Lam under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 3rd June, 2020 10:52am



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5 Comments on "Isle of Wight McDonald’s drive-thru re-opening is minutes away"

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Highway to Hell

I’ve really missed seeing the empty MucDonalds cartons in hedgerows, vaguely near a litter bin or ceremonially dumped out of a car window as it drives off.
I wish they would brink back the polystyrene boxes that had a decomposition half-life of 10,000 years.


I assure you they are still around, along with empty beer and coke cans.


Why anyone wants to eat this rubbish is beyond me,let alone que for it


Agreed, The sight of people queuing for junk food is quite sad. I despair of humanity sometimes.

Mark L Francis

Bear in mind thids was in Scotland, where it is probably regarded as health food. When I lived in Glasgow you could go for a lump of dough they called a “pizza” and they asked me if I wanted salt & vinegar – on a goddamn pizza fercrissakes! & yeah…the deep fried Mars bar is a real thing.