Isle of Wight MP welcomes relaxation of 2m social distancing rule and other lockdown easing measures

Isle of Wight MP thanks the Prime Minister for relaxing the 2m social distancing rule and says we need to make sure that tourism-related businesses are not left behind in the fight for survival against the Covid-19 virus

bob seely outside st marys

Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely, has welcomed the news that parts of the leisure and tourism industry can start to open up from 4th July – saying it marked a turning point for Island businesses and local livelihoods.

He said the changes – announced by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, on Tuesday 23rd June – would enable many IW tourism-related businesses to implement the plans they had been working up over the past few weeks. 

Thanks PM for relaxing 2m rule
Bob said:

“I welcome the changes which the Prime Minister has announced. I have spoken to many Island businesses throughout the Covid-19 outbreak who have been struggling and I have been calling on Ministers to help.

“The Prime Minister recognised the two-metre social distancing rule effectively made it impossible for the hospitality industry to operate and I thank him, and others, for relaxing it.

“I particularly thank Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston, who I have spoken to twice in the past few days, for listening and responding to me. I hope that he will now consider the other points I raised in my recent letter to him seeking further help for tourism-related businesses, including coach operators who do not yet have any specific guidance for their industry.”

Need to make sure tourism-related businesses are not left behind
Bob went on to say,

“As the Prime Minister said – our long-time hibernation is beginning to come to an end. We need to make sure that tourism-related businesses are not left behind in the fight for survival against the Covid-19 virus and I will take all necessary steps to ensure they have the best possible support to enable them to succeed.

“The Island is a leading tourism destination in the UK and I don’t want us to lose that. Today, I have been in discussions with Will Myles from Visit Isle of Wight to see how we can help the Island’s tourism economy to move forward and help Island businesses as they take their first steps in welcoming back visitors. We must work together to ensure this happens in the safest way possible.”

Bob said he would continue to talk to the cross-Solent ferry operators to ensure they could meet the increase in demand for services.

News shared by the office of Bob Seely, in his own words. Ed

Wednesday, 24th June, 2020 8:38am



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This statement would carry gravitas if the MP had adhered to the rules himself. He has exposed himself to be yet another hypocritical, and therefore untrustworthy, politician. He further demean his position by trying to wriggle away with a cheesy and insincere apology.

Mr Seely, you are a military man, you might like to quietly reflect on this reality. COVID-19 has already killed the same number of people in the U.K. ad those who were killed in the entirety of the Second World War. Dwell on that thought for a few minutes……..Many who have survived Coronavirus have nevertheless not fully recovered, and now have long term debilitating conditions, scared lungs… Read more »

Seely loves to make much out of his military career, but in reality he was a TA volunteer who transferred into the regulars at the age of 42 and left (still) as a junior officer. His work within the military would, therefore, be tied to his novice status and advanced age. Hardly the makings of a genuine war hero.


I did’nt know that-what was he in ,the Catering corps?
Most blokes at 42 want to get out not in and I bet he’s got a box full of gongs

I am pretty sure that he was in Signals. Prior to 2008 he was a TA NCO while working at MTV. Once commissioned at 42 (not requiring full term of 44 weeks at Sandhurst, but rather a 2 week stint) I’d be hard pushed to see him being allowed anywhere near the photocopier never mind anything really sensitive. He may well have done some tours, but he… Read more »

Signals eh! that’s what the Andrew used to call Bunting Tosser’s,most people on here would probably leave the bunting part out.
2 weeks at Sandhurst,about right for most of the Ruperts and he may well have done a tour or two to Paderborn,Akrotiri (R/R of course) maybe even Canada or a sweet NATO posting,fact finding in the Gulf-maybe even helped Major Ward find his trousers….

Steve Goodman
Sure it was signals? From memory (please correct me if I’m wrong): TA Intelligence Corps (like fellow local Con. MP Flick Drummond). My Army mates are not too impressed, referring to ‘Green Slime’ (inspired by the beret colour, apparently – and the jokey cap badge description I just checkeded with a Wiki search is “a rampant pansy resting on its laurels”)… there is indeed some resentment from… Read more »

For anyone not clear about the new distance, it is approximately one 12-link string of sausages. If you want to be extra certain, allow an extra half-sausage as a margin of error.


Yep,get nearer the sausage plate now-yum yum!


nah, BBQ’s don’t give him the same buzz now that they are ‘legal’, he should try removing some spots, oh the buzz Seedey.


Alright now now for the odd sausage


How hypocritical and insulting Bob Seely you ignored the 2m rule anyway. Time to go before we vote you out.

Do you think anyone is actually listening to your continuous press announcements Sausage Seely? I’m sure you lost any credibility you once had after your little Seaview Soirée. You never understood the social distancing rules at 2 metres, I hope it may make things easier now it is 1 metre. Unlike the rest of us who were doing the right thing. 42,000 dead, and you were off… Read more »

The latest video from retired Doctor, Vernon Coleman – “The Madness is everywhere” 23/06/20 is a good one and can be viewed on youtube – user = Vernon Coleman


And serial conspiracy theorist…also, he retired from being a GP very early.


He was also the first to air concerns about ‘medications’ and wrote books that proved to be correct.
You have done ……..what ?


More tinfoil needed here then.


I thought your tinfoil was as thick as you, maybe daleks are too thinned skinned