Working with businesses to ensure we are able to ‘save our summer’, says Isle of Wight council leader

Dave Stewart says he hopes the Prime Minister’s announcement marks a turning point for Isle of Wight businesses

Will Myles MD Visit Isle of Wight outside Quay Arts Centre

The Isle of Wight’s hospitality and tourism sector has been urged to prepare for the return of summer visitors — after the Government gave the green light for hotels, B&Bs and campsites to reopen from 4th July.

With summer staycations now in sight, Visit Isle of Wight, the Isle of Wight Council and the Island’s MP have joined forces to help push the Island to the forefront of the highly-competitive UK holiday market.

Stewart: Working to “Save Our Summer”
Welcoming today’s (23rd June) announcement by the Prime Minister, council leader, Dave Stewart, said he hoped it marked a turning point for Island businesses and local livelihoods.

“This is excellent news for our Island tourism and hospitality economy and reflects the safe and steady approach we have taken throughout this crisis.

“We can now work with our Island businesses to ensure we are able to save our summer — while still keeping our community safe and protected.

“The Island has so much to offer and because of restrictions with holidaying abroad, people can look to the Island for a safe and relaxing break after all the turbulence and stress of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown.

“At the same time, we are looking at how we can put in place a system where people can leave contact details that can be used by tracing if needed.

“We need to get ourselves ready, offer the best experience we can in the circumstances and also remember to take time to enjoy our Island ourselves.

“Time to safely share the best of the Isle of Wight.”

Myles: Important the Island speaks with one voice
Will Myles, managing director of Visit Isle of Wight, said it was important the Island spoke with one voice in reassuring visitors and residents that the Isle of Wight was taking positive action in welcoming tourism safely back.

And he said it was just as important for visitors to know what was expected of them to help protect the Island’s community from the virus.

Online sessions for businesses
Will revealed that a series of tourism and hospitality industry information sessions were being prepared to support local tourism-related businesses.

These online sessions will take into account the government guidelines which are yet to be released, as well as the Visit England national ‘We’re Good To Go’ standards, which sit alongside the Isle of Wight’s own local ‘Good To Go’ brand.

Will explained:

“Understandably, public health is always the priority during the Covid-19 outbreak, but for tourism and hospitality, this day and the 4th July have been a long time coming. 

“Now that the announcement is here, we have to be ready to welcome our visitors back onto our beautiful island — but we have to give them the confidence to book with our businesses.

“It is important we are all saying and doing the same thing to ensure we can say to them, ‘We’re good to go — the Island is waiting for you to return!”

Reopening of leisure facilities
The government also announced today that, from the same date, some leisure facilities and tourist attractions could reopen — as long as they could do so safely.

This includes outdoor gyms and playgrounds, cinemas, museums, galleries, theme parks and arcades, as well as libraries, social clubs, places of worship and community centres.

Seely: Our long-time hibernation is beginning to come to an end
Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely, said the changes would enable many Island tourism-related businesses to implement plans they had been working up over the past few weeks. He said,

“I have spoken to many Island businesses throughout the Covid-19 outbreak who have been struggling and I have been calling on ministers to help.

“As the Prime Minister said, our long-time hibernation is beginning to come to an end.

“We need to make sure that tourism-related businesses are not left behind in the fight for survival against the Covid-19 virus and I will take all necessary steps to ensure they have the best possible support to enable them to succeed.

“The Island is a leading tourism destination in the UK and I don’t want us to lose that. We must work together to ensure this happens in the safest way possible.”

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office, Ed

Tuesday, 23rd June, 2020 10:02pm



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Surely the idea of promoting summer staycations on the IW before Coronavirus is totally under control on the mainland, is shear lunacy?

All you will end up doing is importing the virus back on to the island, an island that doesn’t have the medical infrastructure to cope with a second wave of the pandemic.


Serco’s track and trace is still rubbish, let’s hope it’s up to speed by 4th July.

Since first thing this morning we accommodation providers have been trying to get official information from the all important Gov.UK site. The link ‘hotels and other guest accommodation guidance’ brings you to ‘PAGE NOT FOUND’ and continues to do so (I just checked again). We cannot open for guests unless we know what the rules will be. Will Myles’ last contribution to the Visit Isle of Wight… Read more »

The march of the Covidiots has begun. Just got an accommodation enquiry so I asked if she could confirm that she had insurance which would cover her, & her party, if anyone of them became infected whilst at my property. She replied that they had no health issues and would be quite happy to go home if they fell ill…


Happy second spike :-)

In the U.K. 67000 died in the entirety of the Second World War, Coronavirus has already killed 65000 in a matter of a few weeks. This is serious and not a subject to be flippant about. Our MP Bob Seely,our Leader of the IW Council Dave Stewart,, and Will Myles all need to be taking this pandemic very seriously, and not be putting Islander’s lives at any… Read more »
Jenny Smart
The tourism industry on the IW needs to take the opportunity to completely reinvent itself, and go far more up market with a select more discerning customer base, rather than the hordes of holiday makers chasing cheap 1£ Sun Newspaper holidays. Quality, not quantity, will protect our island. So let the cheap nasty gift shops and tatty guest houses go to the wall, and rebuild the island’s… Read more »
Angela Hewitt

4th July!!!? Independence Day. Is this some sort of Government sick joke or just trying to tag us on to another nation’s history.


The 5th richest economy in the world, yet the worst record of COVID-19 deaths in the world per head of population, illustrates perfectly the lack of preparedness and incompetence of this Government.

The fact the Conservatives are still in power with 65,000 deaths is staggering.

Yes, they have messed up really badly on every single front so far, and it seems they are hell bent on continuing that path, with Seely, as usual, sucking up to whoever is leader of the Conservatives. What will it take to say enough is enough, and get a responsible government in power. One thing is for sure, you can wave goodbye to the economy and tourism… Read more »

White men at the helm yet again. Just an observation. 15% women in the council chamber and about the same on the board of Visit Isle of Wight according to Companies House. We’ve all seen the results of what happens globally when women are in positions of responsibility.