Isle of Wight Studio School headteacher says ‘the school is viable’

Richard White, the headteacher of the Isle of Wight Studio school – which Inspire Academy Trust plan to close – said more students than ever before had signed up to start the school in September.

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The headteacher of the Isle of Wight Studio School has come out fighting for his school which he insists can be saved.

Bosses at Inspire Academy Trust, who run the school in East Cowes, said a lack of demand on the Island meant the school was not financially viable in the long term.

Headteacher: “The school is viable”
However, headteacher Richard White said more students than ever before had signed up to start the school in September.

He said:

“I’d like to find a solution — the school is viable.

“We seek clarity from the regional school’s commissioner about which Multi Academy Trusts may wish to partner us. The frustration is that we are not being guided or advised in any way.”

White: “A real need for something different”
Mr White said the school had a ‘host of creative solutions’, including lowering the age range to year nine, joining forces with other Island schools or forging partnerships with businesses.

He said:

“There is a real need on the Island for students and families who want something different from their education.

“Our small school environment and personalised learning and support helps develop the whole child in a very different way to the large comprehensives.

“I fear that by taking away this option on the Island, future young people will be denied the choice to learn in this way.”

Parent: “Years 10 and 11 are nearly full”
Earlier in the week at the protest outside County Hall, Sharon Lake of the Save our Studio School campaign said,

“I think it’s really important to understand that although the trust is saying the school isn’t supported by families on the Island that’s not the case — Years 10 and 11 are nearly full.”

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This is why I don’t support the privatisation of state schools. Whilst they can have the ability to produce stellar schools like the Studio School, in the end it is always about money. The school is profitable, but they want even more money, and that greed is allegedly driving the trust after a further education market and curtailing their interest in secondary education. We can’t have an… Read more »

Quite correct: government (I use the term loosely) entrusted them in furtherance of its own flawed ideology. Progress and prospects of the students were never the issue.

The Studio School is private eduation at public expense, hence its success in the lower age groups. If parents insist on one-to-one education, they’ll have to pay for it.

The island now has a successful school which meets the needs of many island children and is helping them to become useful and fulfilled members of our community. So why won’t the Isle of Wight Council even put pen to paper to write in isupport of the Studio School to the Regional Schools Commissioner for South-East England and South London Mr. Dominic Herrington to prevent its closure?… Read more »

Hear, hear!