Lack of school bus places could result in 390,000 extra car journeys, say IW Greens

In five school years of parents (2018-19 intake) having to drive their children to school because there are not enough places on the school bus will result in 390,000 extra car journeys on the Isle of Wight says IW Green Party.

Vix Lowthion in Church Litten

Isle of Wight Green Party’s parliamentary candidate, Vix Lowthion, shares this latest news. Ed

Isle of Wight Green Party urges Isle of Wight Council to support public transport options for all school children on the Isle of Wight.

As reported recently, over 100 pupils are missing out on a school bus place this September – many of them in areas which are already inadequately served by public buses. Therefore the only option available to these families is to use the car to get to school.

The maths
To get 100 pupils there and back twice a day = 400 car journeys.

  • Five days a week = 2,000 car journeys
  • 39 weeks a year = 78,000 extra car journeys
  • Five school years = 390,000 extra car journeys

And that’s just projected for the 2018/19 students. It will get even worse as the years progress, unless extra capacity (buses, increased size of buses) is added into the system.

Lowthion: “We must support school transport”
Vix Lowthion, education spokesperson for IW Greens, says,

“Public transport is a public good. We must support school transport which adequately meets the needs of our young people – and gets cars off the road!

“The Council talks of being cost effective, but parents taking time off work or paying for additional child care is not a cost effective way to get a child to school.

“I urge the council to see common sense, support all road users especially at rush hour, and increase capacity on our school buses swiftly.”

Thursday, 6th September, 2018 1:44pm



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Email updates?

When I was a child I went to school on the bus – the public bus – on my own – not in a car.


tr2015 – I’m pretty sure the problem there are actually NO PUBLIC BUSES!


tr2015 – I’m pretty sure the problem there are actually NO PUBLIC BUSES!


Shank’s pony! I walked when it was fine. and yes, before you ask, it was a loooong way. We never had a car, so there was no chance of my parents doing the ‘school run’.

Vix Lowthion

11 miles? Those 4.30am starts must have been a killer ;)

For once, common sense and logical, bang on the button statement from the Green Party!!!! What IS the world coming to? It long ago ocurred to me that the continually loudly trumpeted ‘Green in all things’ IoW Council was in fact just a bare faced lie. Witness the debacle with the fact that many thousands of people each week have to drive to the Municipal Waste Disposal… Read more »
Steve Goodman
To answer the question: those of us who are paying attention are all too aware of what the world is/IS coming to (briefly – stupidly and suicidally overheated, overpopulated, poisoned, plundered, increasingly dangerously deforested and desertified and with fast reducing healthy biodiversity, all due to previous and continuing poor human choices.) Things have become so bad that everybody who mattered had to agree (and ‘loudly trumpetet’) at… Read more »
Steve Goodman

Breaking news; an American court has berated the bullying greedy Monsanto maniacs who tried to smother those of us in the Avaaz campaigning community questioning the most dangerous aspects of their business.

I totally agree that some areas of the Island are quite poorly served by public transport but it was my understanding that the pupils missing out were mostly those who’d voluntarily opted for a secondary school other than the appointed one. It used to be the norm that secondary school pupils, including those attending their designated school on free transport, would go to school once a day… Read more »

What if you live in West Wight? What school could you attend that didn’t require a bus? Or Southwight?

Vix Lowthion
Exactly. Seeing as the council sold West Wight Middle and ‘planned’ 2 main high schools on the same road in Newport, everyone west of Carisbrooke needs a bus to get to any school. School buses take cars off the road. They also allow independence for young people when they are growing up. In some parts of England transport is free for those under 16. But here on… Read more »

Also I guess if a parent is driving that’s 4 trips right? Two x there and back.