Last minute change to A-Level and GCSE results appeals process announced by Government Minister

The Government announce what they call a ‘triple-lock process to ensure confidence and fairness in the system’. Details within

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One day ahead of A-level results day, the Government have announced changes to the appeal system for A-level and GCSE results, which allow for mock results or calculated grades to be accepted rather than the Government’s chosen process.

Full details below in this press release issued by the Department for Education. Ed

A new ‘triple lock’ process will give young people added security as they receive their grades this year, the Education Secretary has announced.

Students could accept their calculated grade, appeal to receive a valid mock results, or sit autumn exams to ensure the achievements of young people are recognised.

Ofqual has been asked to determine how and when valid mock results can be used to calculate grades.

All outcomes will hold the same value
All outcomes will hold the same value for universities, colleges and employers, building on the significant number of students who will still progress as a result of their calculated grades. Similar arrangements will apply to vocational and technical qualifications.

The move comes as the Government also announces an extensive support package for all schools, colleges and further education providers to run a full exam series in the autumn.

Williamson: Triple lock process to ensure confidence and fairness
Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

Every young person waiting for their results wants to know they have been treated fairly. By ensuring students have the safety net of their mock results, as well as the chance of sitting autumn exams, we are creating a triple lock process to ensure confidence and fairness in the system.

No one wanted to cancel exams – they are the best form of assessment, but the disruption caused by Covid-19 meant they were not possible.

This triple lock system will help provide reassurance to students and ensure they are able to progress with the next stage of their lives.

Use of calculated grades
This will provide an additional safety net to the system of calculated grades, which is the fairest possible approach in the absence of exams.

The grades students receive on Thursday will be based on the judgement of their school or college, and have been moderated by exam boards to make sure the same standard is applied for all students, whichever school, college or part of the country they come from.

Using mock results
Students who would like to use a valid mock result will be able to do so through the appeals process, with individuals notifying their school or college who will provide evidence of their mock results to their exam board.

As set out by Ofqual last week, schools and colleges will also be able to appeal if they believe their historic data does not reflect the ability of their current students – that may be because they have experienced a recent change in leadership or because they have one or a number of exceptional students.

Autumn exams
For those wishing to try and improve their grades by taking exams in the autumn, the support package will help schools with the costs associated with running these exams including booking venues, sourcing invigilators, and meeting the cost of autumn exam fees if they exceed summer fee rebates.

While £30 million is being earmarked to deliver this support, funding will be demand-led and driven by the number of students who choose to sit exams.

For more info visit the Dept for Education Website.

Image: Robert Couse-Baker under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 12th August, 2020 7:27am



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More chaos from a government whose handling of the Coronavirus at every stage is atrocious

Jenny Smart

Absolutely, a generation of our youth happily thrown under the school bus by BoJo and his incompetence mod of Tory toffs.

Don’t fret about disappointing exam results, it’s all part of the Conservatives plan to dumb down. Boris wants an uneducated, subservient, desperate to work for low pay, labour force, ready to offer up Brexit Britain as the cheap competitive workhouse of Europe. Bright, educated people are not needed. The Tory elite will be throwing their weight behind cost effective, and reliable AI algorithms rather than an educated… Read more »

Welcome to the, ‘computer says no’, conservatism.