Le Veness: Developers Given Go Ahead

Ventnorians can look forward to another six-storey building on the seafront, not!

If you’re interested in planning matters on the Island, this one might be of interest.

Le VenessNews reaches us that approval for a Lawful Development Certificate has been granted by the Planning Committee (follow link for background).

It’s means the six-storey development on Ventnor’s seafront at Le Veness can now go ahead, much to the dismay of many local residents.

Seven Six members of the committee voted in favour, with one against and two abstaining.

More detail when we have it.

Tuesday, 21st December, 2010 4:41pm


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I agree with Stopwinging : the Le Veness site is reminiscent of bombsites I saw after WW2 in London and not a great advertisement for the town. I note that the “Campaign for Rural England” objected to the development too. Well, hang on a moment, is the Ventnor seafront “rural”? I don’t think so! And their local spokesman may be a mathematician, but it hardly provides qualifications… Read more »
It has been left in that state for 6 years by the owners, who couldn’t give a damn about Ventnor and rushed in to dig a small hole and pretend that work had started. What’s the betting it will stay that way for another 6 years while they hope the value of the land will appreciate and they can sell it on without having to spend any… Read more »
Yes, the site needs to be developed, but it is too high, four would have been enough and in keeping with next door. The problem is, if we wait and see what they have in mind and what is actually built it is too late. The Metropole is too high and looks out of place which most Islanders and holiday makers agree, and who actually lives in… Read more »
We’ve been double-crossed by the planning department. They made a show at the appeal hearing of defending their decision to terminate the permission, but all the time it seems that they probably made a deal with the agent to split costs of the appeal in any event, and they would then not contest the Lawful Development application. I doubt that the owners of the site (the Executors… Read more »
Watchdog’s intimation that brown envelopes changed hands between the Agent and the Planners had better be supported by some good evidence! As for “precedent”, I would have thought the 6-storey Metropole was just that and the Le Veness proposal is merely following a precedent already established on Ventnor bay. The “intimate character and appearance of the bay” is an entirely subjective judgment but I cannot identify one… Read more »

It will be a much needed improvement to the mess thats been there for years now. Now lets sort out beachlands.


Finding it hard to see that a six-story building, that will dwarf all around, as an improvement.

It is of course perfect if you want to turn Ventnor’s Esplanade into a high-rise Spanish-style resort.


Have another look at the photo attached to this article. This site has looked like that for years and had every possibility of remaining like it for years to come. Anyway, a decision has been made so lets all move on.


Yes what’s there is ugly, but not nearly as ugly as the abomination that’s just been given the go ahead.


sorry but why would anyone want to live in ventnor.?