Letter: All hail the much-appreciated delivery drivers

Whilst praising those delivering to homes across the Island, this reader also believes supermarkets should become warehouses and hire as many vans and drivers as they can

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This from Angela Hewitt. Ed

There is one group of people also working very hard to help keep us at home.

The delivery people.

Not just the supermarkets – who have run out of delivery slots but those that are fulfilling all the small orders that are now necessary due to supermarkets not being able to cope. 

Turn supermarkets into warehouses
In my opinion supermarkets should now become warehouses. They should hire as many vans as possible and increase their delivery systems and ask volunteers with vehicles to help with deliveries. 

But I am grateful for small deliveries of basic essentials, including powdered yogurt mix because I can’t get yogurt from supermarket. Well I can but I am not risking going there.

Frankly supermarkets are not thinking out of the box and changing the way they operate. 

Image: routeplanning under CC BY 2.0

Sunday, 29th March, 2020 3:02pm


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You can’t do it. The vans the supermarkets use have two sections, a ambient and a chilled section. Reason being chilled food should not be in an ambient environment for longer then 20 minutes. If you had people using their cars for deliveries you’d only be restricted to a 20 minute journey, probably less with the loading of the car etc. You’d be lucky to even get… Read more »
Angela Hewitt

Have they heard of cool boxes


Some vans have three sections: ambient, chilled, and frozen. If the van is out for any appreciable time both non-ambient sections become essential: cool boxes would not suffice and internal organisation of a single section van would be a nightmare.

Angela Hewitt
Perhaps I can help them think out of the box. There are many chill vans that can be hired usually used at events. Chill Box hire out units that can be towed by most small commercial vehicles and AECA sell battery operated fridges. These are not normal times. Also there a a few companies on the Island with chill ice cream vans that will be out of… Read more »
Wasn’t this letter all about gratitude for our delivery drivers? You know, those Knights of the Road delivering goods we may not be able to go out to buy because of self-isolation, distance, and/or many other reasons? Those magnificent people in their LGVs and smaller vehicles who trundle motorways byways and country roads, bringing goods to, and within the Island for our consumption? Yes, “All Hail the… Read more »
Sally Perry

Hear hear.