Letter: Another East Cowes improvement tandem

Following Red Funnel’s Plan B approach to the expansion of their ferry terminal in East Cowes, one resident shares his ideas on a two phased approach.

vertical garden

We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with our readers – unsurprisingly they don’t always reflect the views of this publication. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch and of course, your considered comments are welcome below. This from Steven Goodman. Ed

After reading last week’s report, I am inspired by those running Red Funnel and am now happy to help by working on yet another alternative scheme for the unloved East Cowes ferry terminal and on a second application, using the Red Funnel paired ‘in tandem’ approach.

Building up, not across
One application will be for permission to achieve the increase in vehicle capacity and the improvement to the Island gateway which Red Funnel say they want, by means of upward expansion on the existing marshalling yard area, which I am confident will meet with the approval of planners and others because it has the following advantages over the destructive Red Funnel plans A and B:

  1. It requires no unwelcome controversial adverse interference with the lives, land, businesses, jobs, and homes of others.
  2. It requires no unwelcome controversial compulsory purchases.
  3. It allows for the major improvement of an existing public realm eyesore, using good design attractive to residents, visitors, and nature by incorporating as much vertical and horizontal planting as the allocated funding from SLEP and RF will allow, and is therefore a genuine once in a lifetime ‘eyesore to icon’ opportunity.
  4. It does not promise any long term benefits which cannot be guaranteed.

Incredible edibles
The second application has more in common with the plan which Red Funnel’s bosses expected not to be thrown out and now apparently expect to be allowed on appeal; it incorporates the Red Funnel elements of aggressive land seizure and disregard for harm to existing jobs and business.

It is an application to improve East Cowes and the Island by using the present marshalling yards, which Red Funnel say they intend to stop using, to extend the currently insufficient area occupied by growing incredible edible fruit, nuts, herbs, and vegetables for everyone to share.

Image: jssz under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 4th August, 2016 8:43am


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There will be no need for expansion when the fixed link gets the go ahead… So it’s a waste of money! In this day and age there is no need for such an old fashioned way to travel a short distance. If we don’t get a fixed link approved soon, the ferry companies greed and rip off prices will finish this island off… It’s already dying because… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Thanks for running this (which I sent to the CP in response to last week’s front page article, hoping that it might be published – unlike, for example, a letter sent to them about the application to list the Columbine Hanger and the quiet resistance by the landowners). And thanks for selecting another good accompanying image. Let’s hope RF, SLEP, and the planners and politicians are still… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Luisa Hillard

I love the idea of green walls. I did discuss the idea with Red Funnel during my stakeholder meetings with them. In fact we discussed a lot of things, which I hoped had been taken on board.

Peter Geach

In all these discussions ;it’s imperative to develop an action point list and chase them down.

Steve Goodman
Thank you, Cllr. Hillard, for trying to have a worthwhile conversation on behalf of all of us with RF, other stakeholders, and OTW users. I appreciate that, and the fact that we now have you and some other councillors frequently engaging with the rest of us here – the Island’s best source of news and views. It would be good to hear more, in response to all… Read more »
Diogenese's Barrel
The company Mr George is paid to manage already owns sufficient vehicle marshalling space for its current and future needs for many years to come. The simple fact is that Mr George chooses not to use the existing vehicle marshalling space for that purpose. There are patently hundreds of vehicle spaces available to Red Funnel but they are not used. Why? Because Red Funnel are determined to… Read more »
Peter Geach
The obvious solution is staring us all in the face: Build the new terminal in Osbourne Bay, lease off part of Osbourne House to Premier Inn, extend use of Swiss Cottage as a Transport Café! Plenty of land for Parking! Access road driven through to Ryde/ Newport, East Cowes roundabout! Takes Red Funnel out of East Cowes, which can then revert to it’s Marine/Industrial role, leaving Columbine… Read more »

Do Red Funnel actually own all the land they are planning to sell in this deal? I wouldn’t be surprised if the council actually checked that they probably owned a lot of it.