Letter: Fed up of being ‘fleeced’ by parking charges

This Isle of Wight resident doesn’t understand why he has to be ‘fleeced’ with parking charges every time he takes his kids out to the beach or park. He says it’s time for the Isle of Wight council to bring their charges in line with neighbouring councils.

Parking Meter

We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with our readers – unsurprisingly they don’t always reflect the views of this publication. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch and of course, your considered comments are welcome below. This from Paul Dobson. Ed

I’d like to ask why the Council raises so much money from parking. The latest figures show that the Isle of Wight ranked 64th out of 343 councils, with a surplus of more than £3 million.

Our population is nowhere near that rank and we have one of the lowest average incomes in the country.

Being fleeced
As a parent of two under-5s, I just feel like I’m being fleeced every time I try to take them to the beach or park or get them out to another part of the Island.

I understand that Council finances are tight, but this is surely killing the Island. I drive to church on a Sunday in Newport and can’t understand why I should pay the council to do so. I look around and see the centre of Newport full of empty shops with not even an hour’s free parking to entice customers in.

Higher rates than neighbours
IOW council rake in substantially more parking money than Hampshire, East Hampshire, East Sussex, West Sussex and a host of nearby areas. Surely there are more justifiable ways of raising revenue?

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Wednesday, 14th December, 2016 11:58am


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The land our car parks stand in is owned by the council who use it to make a small profit which is reinvested in local services. I’d much rather that arrangement than that they were owned by a large corporation who’d divert that profit to managers and shareholders. Parking a car is still cheaper than using the bus for most journeys. The rights and wrongs of that… Read more »
I think the council would raise a lot more money by providing wardens to issue tickets to litter droppers. Five minutes in any high Street would probably raise enough money to pay their wages for a day from smokers alone. As for the cost of motoring being cheaper than public transport; that is probably because the cost of travelling in our buses is also much higher than… Read more »

I have to agree with all of the points mentioned in Matelot’s response.

Payment by direct debit for regular car park users is a good start. DaveIOW, do you know costs and for how long you can park? My thought was that say £10/month, say optional extra rates payment would allow up to an hours parking. If more was needed, then buy top up from meter. Use disc system to show arrival time etc. paid for separately of course. Given… Read more »
I couldn’t agree more. If the council is serious about regenerating the Island a good place to start would be to offer 2 hours free parking everywhere – i.e. car parks and on the roads where there are meters. This could be simply controlled by a parking disc clock – like they do in other areas i.e. North Yorkshire. Set the time you arrive – if you… Read more »

Maybe it’s time to end rates concessions for charity shops. After all, most are selling “new” items and they play a large part in the closure of rate-paying shops.

I share the author’s pain. The council commissioned a £30,000 report sometime ago with a view to having a “one island” charging regime. However before it could implement the findings, it was decided that some car parks could be hived off; Ventnor springs to mind where now the Town Council runs four car parks and has increased usage and income by reducing prices. (the IWC rents the… Read more »
Love the parking disk idea but I think it will probably hit parking revenues significantly. Perhaps something in between with each household receiving 100 free 2 hour tickets onto which they have to write the date and arrival time when being used. These can then be topped up by buying additional hours in long-stay parks if longer stays are required. Residents could then have one trip to… Read more »

Cornwall is worse.


Believe me, parking charges on the island are much less than many areas on the mainland. Whilst I agree with the author’s sentiment, it could be worse. How about parking permits for residents and other fees for holidaymakers……just a thought (I do appreciate also that the island relies on it’s tourist trade…..before anyone points that out)

Luisa Hillard
Residents can get special parking permits. It works out at 81p per day. The Council wouldn’t need income from parking if the government fully funded services. In stead the government cuts more every year, which means the Council has to generate its own income. Andrew Turner MP has repeatedly voted to cut funding to Councils. Anyone who voted for him must accept some responsibility for the loss… Read more »
Island Monkey

Good to see you posting again so frequently Luisa. Can we expect any comments from you or your indie colleagues on the Phil Jordan conviction?

Why would you? it’s all closed off – he’s stepped down from the executive, been prosecuted for doing something stupid and illegal and the world moves on. The only additional adjunct would be demanding him to step down as a councillor and trigger a by-election in his ward 6 months before the council elections. Is your witch hunt really worth demanding the cost of £25k for a… Read more »
Luisa Hillard

An election cannot be held within 6 months of one being due (May 2017). If Phil was to resign he would leave his residents without representation until that next election and by all accounts people seem to accept that he has at least been a very good Councillor.

Sally Perry

Way off topic (again!) Island Monkey


That’s about £205 a year. Many people don’t need to park every day. Often it’s for only a half hour or less.
About £120 a year, say £10,month for an hours parking would likely be acceptable, and bring in income from casual parkers.


Just paid a whole £1 to park for an hour at Appley, and will be using the parking ticket to save a tenner(ish) at the Hare & Hounds somewhen this week (as is written on the back of it).
I don’t like paying those fees as much as the next person, but it saves us money overall, so mustn’t grumble!


Why do people complain about car parking? It costs money to provide and maintain them, and surely that cost should be borne by the motorist who uses the car park rather than council tax payers.


All Island Car Park Permit is £295 per annum. £24.58 per month.That is a ridiculous amount to pay for parking just to visit a run down town and tatty coastal towns. Make the parking cheaper for residents and the council may see more people visiting places and spend some money.

Argh another whingy parent you wanted them you pay for them. Walk to the beach or park it would do you both good, or would you like me to pay for a taxi or pram as well as paying for their schools child care, health service and all the other expenses you get child benefit for, which i also have to give to you. Makes me sick… Read more »