Letter: Governors have ‘lost their way’, but West Wight parents still see Yarmouth as school of choice

Steve Cowley says he believes the Governors of Yarmouth school have “lost their way” and encourages parents to email them

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This from Steve Cowley of Wellow. Ed

It is good to see that in the latest Primary School Results, Yarmouth is continuing to improve, and that this year’s Reception class was oversubscribed.

West Wight parents still see Yarmouth as a school of choice. But the sorry saga of the West Wight School Places rumbles on because in my view, the key aim of the Isle of Wight council, Diocese and Governors is a shiny new school in Freshwater, regardless of any impact on the children’s education if they move, or damage to the community which supports it.

Closure of All Saints’ meets the objectives
The closure of All Saints’ was the IWC’s first preferred option as it met the objectives of reducing surplus places. IW Council wanted to reduce the number of schools from five to four to save money.

This is likely to go ahead now and there will be no need to close Yarmouth.

Governors have ‘lost their way’
Although I respect the voluntary work of Yarmouth School Governors in overseeing excellent educational outcomes for the pupils, in my view, they seem to have lost their way when proposing moving the school to Freshwater. They have not treated parents, carers and community with consideration.

The legality of their decision-making process is now being questioned.

Parent Governor election aborted
Meanwhile the latest Yarmouth Parent Governor election has been aborted by the Isle of Wight Council because, I believe, the election has not been carried out correctly. This was announced after the results were due out.

Did they not like the result? In an earlier election Governors apparently ‘lost’ one parent’s name from the list of those applying.

Will Governors attend public meeting?
The Governors have accused the community of not understanding why they want to close (or ‘move to Freshwater’) Yarmouth School. Yet they have failed to attend, when invited, the public meeting to discuss the issue.

The next public meeting of Yarmouth Town Council is Tuesday 7th January; I am sure that they would be welcome.

Consultation extended
Just at the end of their consultation period, they have extended it by nearly another month, and seem to have extended it to the whole of the West Wight rather than Yarmouth School stakeholders.

Again, did they not like the result?

Is this because the parents and carers, stakeholders, who previously said by 84% they wanted to keep Yarmouth School in Yarmouth, still want to keep Yarmouth School in Yarmouth?

Email the Governors
To those who care about keeping Yarmouth School in Yarmouth, please email the Governors [email protected] or write c/o Yarmouth CE Primary School, Mill Road, Yarmouth PO40 0RA

Monday, 30th December, 2019 9:00am


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