Letter: Prosecute the ‘disgusting trash’ who panic buy

Disgusted at the continual empty shelves in supermarkets, David Jacques says “it’is all too evident the British have totally lost the ‘Blitz Spirit’ of World War Two

empty shelves in supermarket

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This from David Jacques. Ed

Those individuals –– they know who they are –– who have created, and still are creating, needless shortages and hardship to others by selfish panic buying, are disgusting trash who should be prosecuted.

So much for the Queen’s assertion that,

“…our nation’s history has been forged by people and communities coming together to work as one…”

It is all too evident that the British have totally lost the ‘Blitz Spirit’ of World War Two.

Image: John Cameron under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 20th March, 2020 4:57pm


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Well said

The blitz spirit is a national myth, the rich fled to the country while the working class were left in the cities to bear the brunt of the bombing just like now, the poor work in stores while the rich run off to there holiday homes, spivs selling blackmarket good and items looted from bombed or vacated homes were everywhere, now we have people buying loo roll… Read more »
Eagle eye
The government had plenty of time to put measures in place to prevent the current situation but failed to act. What we are witnessing is “normal” human behaviour because of the panic that has been whipped up by the media. The solution lies in the hands of supermarkets but they seem happy for the current situation to continue as they have doubled their profits and are currently… Read more »
I see the bigger picture & Im disgusted by whats going on & how people are so easily conned into believing all the scaremongering. I went out to do my basic regular shopping today the food that keeps me going & is health orientated all I got was a few items & no Organic food, veg or eggs to be found at all… This could be the… Read more »
Alf Dross
Prosecute the ‘disgusting trash’ Perhaps others could explain what charge would be used in this prosecution. Whilst not defending the actions of those panic buying and so causing hardship for others, I conclude that those buying excessively are following the tenets of free-trade. They make an offer to purchase and the vendor, in this case the supermarket, either accepts this offer or refuses. So far the supermarkets… Read more »
Whilst panic buying is abhorrent, selfish and unnecessary and demonstrates an uncaring attitude to others, it is a natural reaction to the basic instinct of self preservation embedded in all human beings, which has been activated by the arrival of the “killer virus” and labelling those frightened folk who engage in it “disgusting trash” is therefore neither accurate nor helpful. It places the accuser in the same… Read more »
Angela Hewitt
Unfortunately a crisis like this brings out the bad as well as the good in people. I agree with Eagle eye. The Government had a good lesson on their doorstep (China) which they ignored in favour of supporting the financial market. They completely forgot that without people the financial market might as well not exist. This letter just whips up more hate. It is only natural to… Read more »

I wonder what percentage of the population would be prosecuted then. I certainly would not. And no one I have spoken to would either. And of those I have spoken to, they do not know anyone either…..

It Is fair enough to be upset at folk stripping the shelves, equally though, folk have also been confused as to what to do and what’s going on, which induces irrational behaviour, calling folk names and wanting them punished, solves nothing. Moreover, this letter is framed into a very narrow reactionary premise, when what’s needed is far more wide reaching analysis of our food system. One aspect… Read more »

Oh do stop moaning folks, think of the shortages now as a dress rehearsal for the forthcoming Brexit virus.

Just sing Rule Britannia, hum the theme to the Dam Busters or stand up for the queen when the TV plays the national anthem at beddie byes time


Car drivers have, without any irony, stated that “more people die in road accidents than corona has killed”.
Tha only people to complain about panic buying are those who did not have tha foresight to make provisions. (this includes me). lets bring in rationing then we can have the black market. Reinacting the war time spirit just before VE day.


Sculler, Whilst I agree with a lot of your points, the one about “more people die in road accidents than corona has killed. The victims of Corona/ Corvid 19 is in addition to those that die in road traffic accidents.


My point is that although these people are aware that the death toll on the road is high, they still continue to drive, other peoples problem syndrom. My intention is not to underplay the risk of death through corvid 19.