Letter: The elephant in the room

One reader reviews outgoing CEO Steve Beynon’s legacy

We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with readers. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch. This one from Newport resident, Steven Goodman. Ed

Readers who remember reading recently about the ‘elephant in the room’ that was the council’s chief executive threatening action against the Island’s elected MP and the Riverside Centre after asserting that there was ‘no hidden agenda’, will now be reading about Mr Beynon having to pack his trunk.

Whilst his legacy will be inadequate child safety, secondary schools in special measures following his reorganisation, high court and ombudsman decisions against the council, and an unprecedented level of public service reduction (TICs, libraries, sports facilities etc.), the council will want to reward this performance with a generous pay-off with our money.

Public accountability
We know that he would rather ‘not be drawn’ on such issues, and would prefer such matters to ‘remain confidential’, but should he not have to account publicly for his actions before any decision is taken allowing him to take the money and run?

We may be sure that parents and pupils across the Island will welcome his departure. Many also recognise that the council leader and his colleagues share responsibility for this legacy.

Dave Burbage Limited will presumably continue to enable the suppression of openness and transparency at county hall (I witnessed the recent farcical full council meeting), contrary to our legitimate expectation of public scrutiny of decisions made on behalf of Islanders without our support.

Image: Steven Alan under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 8th February, 2013 4:10pm


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  1. Here’s hoping a new broom sweeps clean and that whoever replaces Steve Carry-the-money-and-run will sweep the culture that ails County Hall out of the door as they enter.

    Maybe they should try recruiting someone from the Island who gives a damn about the place and is prepared to do the job for a reasonable wage instead of someone commanding a much higher salary who couldn’t give a stuff.

    Saving money AND caring about the Isle of Wight at the time? Seems unlikely if the new Chief Exec is appointed by the current shallow, stagnant ruling group.

    • steephilljack

      8.Feb.2013 7:57pm

      I think the organisation’s culture comes from the top, which is the Leader Pugh. Beynon may have made a mess of implementing the policies but it was the Conservative Councillors who made the policies.
      If they stay, any chief executive is likely to have problems.
      I just wonder who would want to work for them ?

  2. playingthenumbers

    8.Feb.2013 6:02pm

    I’m not sure if its the chickens coming home to roost or incompetence at the IWC, but the last days of empire feeling is rapidly turning into an avalanche.

    The scorched earth approach, the little boys’ futile attempts to plug the next hole in the dam, it’s embarrassing. It’s also a bit premature to release the inner schadenfreude, because real people are really suffering because of the calamity council.

    However, I expect this tired regime are just as keen for crybaby Beynon to go & May to spin round as much the rest of us. The bodies available to act as human shields to deflect the inevitable are disappearing.

    I just hope that before they all go, they’ll realise they’re spend a long time retired. They’re have to pass daily the the scenes of their disasters & live amongst the unprecedented levels of discontent, which is pretty much how this administration will be regarded & their legacy will be shame.

    There wont be any roads named after this lot – maybe characters to scare the kids.

  3. Steve Goodman

    8.Feb.2013 6:14pm

    Thanks OTW. Encouragingly, I’m also told that most of this even made it into print; although my mention of suppression was suppressed, it’s good to see that others are trying to catch up with you!

  4. Island Monkey

    9.Feb.2013 8:57am

    Could someone explain why this weeks County depress reports the council have engaged new recruitment consultants to help in the search for a NEW Chief Executive?

    It was only this week that they announced Steve Beynon was retiring and his post was being done away with. Did I miss something, or are they now so incompetent they issue contradictory press releases?

  5. I do not believe it

    9.Feb.2013 9:29am

    We should not be too concerned with this elephant in the room. After years of a selection of different elephants in rooms in the IW Council’s mansion we should have become accustomed to their continuing presence.

    What should concern us all is:-
    -the mountains of poo left by these creatures when they leave this island
    – the bundles of our cash held in their trunks when they get on the ferries to leave
    – and, finally, the fact that their keepers (aka IW Council Cabinet members) keep their positions despite demomstrating contiuous gross incompetence.

    • Island Monkey

      9.Feb.2013 10:29am

      Strangely, the CP online doesn’t have the recruitment story.

      You have to ask yourself why the local newspaper so often fails to highlight or question the council’s policies, failures and contradictions?

      As they read this blog so often, perhaps someone from the paper would care to explain?

  6. I did read it a couple of weeks ago in the CP. saves money evidentiary. We will see. But I expect it is an agency that specialises in jobs for the boys.

  7. Mark L Francis

    9.Feb.2013 1:32pm

    My dog, Rufus, is available and open to offers.

    At least he’s a caulkhead, ethnically-diverse and will work for dogmeat & biscuits.

  8. Pugh’s End (of the line)
    Brown’s Bottom (of the class)
    Beynon Heights (of ludicrousness)
    The Burbage Trail (of destruction)

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