Letter: What do the prospective MPs want from the voter?

Peter Geach returns to the subject he raised before Christmas and now asks, “What do the prospective MPs want from the voters – apart from votes?”

Vote graffiti

We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with our readers – unsurprisingly they don’t always reflect the views of this publication. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch and of course, your considered comments are welcome below. This by Peter Geach from East Cowes. Ed

Some months ago I asked the question: ‘What do we want from our new MP’. There were 257 comments.

Now the Election is upon us I’d like to turn the question around and ask:

‘What do the prospective MPs want from the voters – apart from votes!’

My suggestions
I’ll kick it off by suggesting:

That Voters without pre-conceived ideas or agenda read the respective Party Manifesto’s and ask; is this how I feel about the issues, and are the solutions balanced and fair? Are they credible?

Do I go along with it? What would I change?

What are the ‘core’ values of that Party, and are they mine?

The Manifestos
Politicians think fast on their feet and learn from their mistakes so are unlikely to repeat that error again; to do so would be political suicide for them and their party.

So we come back to the Party Manifesto; which by the way if you want to influence; join the Party closest to your ideals; attend their meetings and have your say. It does make a difference.

Vote wisely for the Candidate you think would best represent the Island.

I think that is what the candidates would want.

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Tuesday, 5th May, 2015 6:08pm


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Mr Whippy
The Isle Of Wight, like many places across the country will be voting for the best candidate for thier area. A candidate who knows the Island. A candidate who has been a Town/Parish Councillor for a long time. A candidate who knows how Local Government works and has an insight into the Islands problems. A candidate who knows how funding to the Isle Of Wight Council has… Read more »
Albert Street

@ Mr Whippy

Let us get serious. The candidate who least deserves my vote is Mr Stephens, I have witnessed his performances at county hall and I have to say electing him will, in my opinion, be detrimental.

Sadly I do not recognise your description above.

Mr Whippy
Albert Street, having looked at your previous comments on anything at all to do with the Independents at County Hall, and in particular Ian Stephens, you clearly have a very deep dislike of them all. Such personal opinions should be left outside of the Ballot Box when you vote. We need to elect the best possible candidate for the Isle Of Wight to be our MP –… Read more »
Albert Street
@ Mr Whippy You have read the situation incorrectly. I actually voted independent at the local elections and felt let down by their inability to deliver on their principal document. This was later dismissed by Ian Stephens. As being aspirational. Lots of us voted for them on the basis of the document FRAMEWORK FOR CHANGE I have not resorted to personal insults, unlike some in the Stephens… Read more »
phil jordan

albert street:

…”your vote”…

That’s the telling comment.

Your continued anti ian stephens posts here are evidence that you are unable to make a rational and non judgemental personal appraisal…

your one vote is irrelevant.

Anon Again
@phil Jordan & Albert Street. What a beautifully arrogant comment made by Cllr Jordan. “Your one vote is irrelevant”. Cllr Jordan – do you know how maths works? Do you know how politics works? Single votes kind of add up… In one sentence you reveal both your arrogance and your ignorance. Cllr Jordan (Executive Member on first day but thinks candidates should be really au fait with… Read more »
Albert Street
@Mr Jordan I start my reply with “Mr Jordan” although given your arrogance and ridiculous attitude (notice I did not say “surprising” ridiculous attitude) I will drop the “Mr” of future posts. Clearly you are incapable of debate and anyone who has alternative views to the Ian Stephens cheerleader is dismissed is a way that demonstrates your lack of skill or ability. Your outburst here is similar… Read more »
Stewart Blackmore

EVERY single vote is relevant Phil.

What a naive comment to make.

Steve Goodman

?…the only possible vote for the Isle Of Wight.

Obviously not, with six candidates & a non-homogenous electorate with differing views, preferences, & prejudices.

Ian & others are good, but a lot of us think Vix is better.

Anon Again
@ steve goodman – “the only possible vote” they say. Very odd. I missed the memo and it seems you did too. I don’t agree with your choice and you don’t agree with mine. But I think we both think that we are casting our vote in best interests of the Island and are free to make that choice. I would never insult you by assuming that… Read more »
Billy builder
Anon Again, there are most certainly 6 possible choices of candidate one could make tomorrow, However only perhaps 3 have any real chance of success. To dislodge Andrew Turner from his position of island MP if that is your want, then the vote needs to be focused on an electable candidate. Whilst in an ideal world, with an ideal voting system, a vote with your heart would… Read more »

I really don’t know who to vote for this time around, with the center/left vote split 3 ways it’s difficult to know who would be the best bet for blocking Tory/UKIP.

First past the post is useless!

Don Smith
I’m voting Green – I like the candidate, she is hard working, sincere and genuine. She believes in what she says. I want to get away from this two party battling – Both promising the world and reneging on their promises. A party not tainted by sleaze. My only hope is that more people vote like I have; I have followed my brain and not my heart.… Read more »
It’s interesting how everyone has there own valid reasons for who they vote for, some voting tactically, most not voting at all etc In my view the person who deserves to be voted for is the one who has gone to the most effort to engage with the voters and make themselves accessible, putting themselves out there and isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. That’s the… Read more »
phil jordan


…..beyond any shadow of doubt then, under your criteria, we MUST elect Ian Stephens.

He is streets ahead of all other candidates in this respect.

Mr B

Vote stephens all the way!!

Anon Again
@ Mr B. You/he really should have told the wider electorate about the virtues of Mr Stephens. As it stands he’s a bloke who wrote a very long letter to me a couple of weeks ago – rest of campaign? Invisible. Every other candidate has been visible (for good or ill!) – not him. Different way to run an election campaign but I guess we will see… Read more »
Peter Geach

Part of .Democracy is the freedom of choice.

If we all vote for who we genuinely believe is the best candidate and who would best represent the Island; we are less likely to be hugely disappointed by the outcome.

But if we try and second guess/vote tactically we may get a nasty surprise come Friday.

Vote wisely, vote well.

I have voted tactically in the past. That’s what happens when there’s a two-party choice, neither of which seems like much of a choice. I’m not proud of that but like I said, that’s how it was. I used to hear lots of people say they wanted to vote Green but there wasn’t any point. Likewise many young people don’t bother to vote because they don’t see… Read more »
Stewart Blackmore

Couldn’t agree more, Jonathan.

As I’ve written elsewhere, your vote does count, and it’s important that you exercise your right to it, however you vote.

It would be especially refreshing if our many thousand young voters go to the polling booth tomorrow – they could make a huge difference.

I hope that they do.


So you think you can change things. Do you really think they would let you vote if you could change things.

Mark Francis

I suppose you can vote on policies, tactically, personalities or values.

I tend to go with values.

If you hate foreigners & think life is about people ripping each other off you are going to vote Right of centre & if you think we should make the world fairer & stand for solidarity between people you will vote Left of centre.


I’m with Billy Connelly “Don’t vote for politicians, it only encourages them.”

Mark Francis

So who is going to run the country for us? The Army?

Mark Francis



The degree of interest and fervour with politics is directly proportional to the amount of disappointment and anger at politicians’ incompetence in office.


If you don’t vote you can’t complain. That should be true, but of course it seems to be the people who don’t vote who complain the most.

Interesting! Today’s Daily Heil give hints (instructions?) on tactical voting in marginal constituencies (not IoW incidentally) to keep “Red Ed” out. In 33 constituencies, it suggests UKIP supporters vote Tory In 12 constituencies, Tory supporters should vote LibDem (protecting Clegg in one of those) In 3 constituencies LibDems should vote Tory. A suspicious mind might think that Cameron has already done a deal with Clegg. But that… Read more »

“Does not exist”!

Peter Geach

Do you think the media play a role at Election time particularly in forming public opinion?



Mark Francis

Everyone thinks they themselves are not influenced, but everyone else is. Like advertising.
But if nobody is influenced by adverts why do firms pay so much money?

That said – if we were all influenced we wouod all be Tories.


The constant feed of political propaganda (Left or Right) becomes “received wisdom” and strengthens instant political brand recognition in the voting booth. (1930s Germany and 1940s USSR are prime examples).

In the UK, a right-winger once told me that he bought the Telegraph for information and the Daily Mail to confirm his prejudices! :-))


Remember the headline on 11 April 1992 after a surprise Conservative election victory?

Murdoch’s rag boasted “”It’s The Sun Wot Won It”. But then NewsCorp is as politically pliable for personal benefits are most politicians.


On 18 March 1997, the Sun’s headline was ‘The Sun Backs Blair’

On 30 Sept 2009 the Sun backed Cameron.

Such political flexibility makes a weathervane in a gale look stable.

Mr B

i cant believe GREEN PARTY are going round on a tanoy shouting dont vote for stephens..vote for green!!!!!!!!!!! If they are going to try and win votes by slagging people off then go for it… thats not his style :)

‪#‎greenparty‬ ‪#‎vixlowthian‬ ‪#‎voteianstephens‬

Mrs Whippy
What a dirty game politics is, both nationally and on the Island. Dirty tactics are always used when people, parties and candidates feel threatened. Personal Manifestos have been released by five of the candidates who actually go against what thier party manifesto is, not too sure how that works! But then we all know that they will all say anything to get elected. It matters not what… Read more »
Vix Lowthion

That’s an outright lie.

Yes, I have been all across the island this afternoon as well as West Wight and Newport this morning.

Not once have I said anything of the sort about any other candidate. It’s not at all my way of doing things.

phil jordan
vix lowthian: I will tell you what IS NOT a downright lie. At 11.30am (ish) this morning a white vehicle (car) proceeded the length of Union Street turning right onto the Esplande and from which came the following message through a hand held loud hailer. “don’t vote for Ian Stephens, vote for Vix Lowthian” Did you note the poster said …”the green party are going round…..” ?… Read more »
Vix Lowthion
At 1130am this morning I and the vast majority of the Green Party campaign team were stood on the High St in Newport, meeting dozens of voters. I can assure you, we were not driving around Ryde. We were not doing down other candidates. If all you can do to put forward your own case is to make up outright lies about us, because we have the… Read more »
phil jordan

vix lowthian:

Right, first things first. The time was a typo.
It should have been 1.30 or 13.30… not 11.30.

Now, to the facts.

This vehicle proceeded as I told you, pronouncing as I told you, through Ryde.


Vix Lowthion
Fact Phil. Yes I was in a white car through Ryde at 2pm today. What I said was as follows (the same in every town) “Vote Green tomorrow. Vote for a fresh, fair voice. Vote for a public NHS. Vote for a frack free island. Vote for what you believe in. Hello, carmelle!,” Nothing about Mr Stephens or any other candidate. I find it bizarre that you… Read more »
Vix Lowthion

(Carmelle just happened to be at the foot of union street – not in all the other towns too!)

phil jordan

At last vix.

You WERE in Union street in a white car and you did descend Union Street with a loud hailer….

You agree and (now) confirm that.

I’ll leave it there.


Very confused how you accidentally put the wrong time, ie 11:30 instead of 1:30 or 13:30 and managed to put am instead of pm? Ssounds more like lies to me!

phil jordan

jay bird:

Don’t be ridiculous….

Billy builder

Lies, dammed lies and politics.

Vix, the Greens are as bad as any, and worst than most in rewriting history and distorting fact.

Matt Edmunds

I can safely say Ms Lowthian and the Greens were in Newport today between 11.30 and 12.30 and probably beyond, as they were outside my office window!

Whoever this nutter was in Ryde clearly wasn’t anyone official, even if they did exist. Just sounds bizarre to me.


I can also confirm. Ms Lowthian and her group were in Newport till at least 1pm as that’s when I went to lunch and stopped to chat to them outside Boots in NewPort.

The Sciolist

The DM are spot on. It’ll be another Tory-Lib coalition on Friday, although it may take a few weeks to tie up the loose ends. The deal is done.

Billy builder

Socialist, it is far more likely to be a Labour. LibDem coalition, in so far as the right of centre block are unlikely to get more than 290 seats (Tory 280, dup 8, Ukip 1), whereas the left of centre will have about 310 (lab 270, Snp 35, Green 1, plaid 4). Any centre-right grouping would not be able to secure a majority.

Billy builder
Mark, your quite correct, Whilst the libdems are centre-left, in the coalition game to be played on Friday they could either support a centre-right administration or centre-left one. The point I was trying to make was trying to make was that there will be no viable centre-right option. With regard to the libdems performance tomorrow, I suspect that it will be somewhat better than the polls are… Read more »
Mark Francis
Billy- you seem to have left out the LibDems. People think that their vote will collapse -as I think it will nationally, but that will not necessarily mean the number of seats they get will reflect this. At the last election a large popular Lib Dem vote did not translate into an increase in representation & neither will a big decrease result in the opposite. Such are… Read more »

i spent most of the day in Union Street (10-5) and not once did I hear this supposed ‘vote green, not Stephens’

What a disgusting lie. I’m voting Blackmore fwiw

What an utter load of lying rubbish about the Greens .I for one have seen that the Greens have the utmost integrity and have not bee stooping as low as all the other candidates in a smearing campaign …but that’s because they are so threatened by a woman running a campaign of honesty and integrity in competition with men who have nothing better to do than make… Read more »
And not once have I heard this idiotic accusation either and I was in the town today …One thing I wills say about Vix Lowthion is that she has not once called or brought another candidate down in any of her social media accounts or on the streets or Hustings ..she has far more sense than to get hooked up with the likes of Blackmore who seems… Read more »

The Green Party where in Ryde how can they have been in Newport at the same time …someone is telling Porky’s and it can be proved …sour grapes for popularity jealousy ..time to grow up .

Don Smith

We must have deterrent (Trident). On this I do disagree with the Greens. However, you still get my vote. Nothing is ever perfect. Best of luck!


I agree with Don!


Put down the shovel Phil.

phil jordan


The truth is gradually emerging though…?

That’s because the car (we now learn contrary to initial assertions) WAS in Union Street and the Esplanade, it was a white car, it did proceed using a loud hailer…
and the words spoken were heard very clearly….


It was originally stated she was there at 11.30 which she wasn’t!! Then the time was changed to 1.30, and she said yes she was there then.. Because she was there at that time, but not at 11.30! Why is that so hard to understand?!



The fair response should of at least been an apology.

Billy builder

PL. you’re right, but Vix and the Greens are very unlikely to apologise.

phil jordan
PL: An apology by whom and for what…? What took place in Union Street took place. After some gentle coaxing we have come to learn that vix herself was, indeed, in the vehicle I identified, around the time I stated and using a loud hailer. (contrary to earlier statements….) That has been confirmed by vix herself. I do not confuse the words heard with the version being… Read more »
Daniel James
Phil, you got the time wrong and the town wrong in your original allegation. Whether that’s because of your typo or because you couldn’t remember clearly, the burden of proof is now on you to corroborate your story with another witness or a recording. If you can’t do that, please withdraw the allegation and apologise to Vix personally. You don’t explain why Vix would suddenly start making… Read more »
phil jordan
daniel james: This is becoming surreal. The white vehicle descended Union Street and turned right onto the Esplanade ( so, no wrong town?), it passed ‘around 1.30 (13.30) ish, (a difference of timing for vix and an original typo from me) a loud hailer was being used (…and all of this now confirmed by vix) The only difference of recall now relates to the words used. I… Read more »
THE BELL PRINCIPLES We will abide wholeheartedly by the spirit and letter of the Seven Principles of Public Life set out by Lord Nolan in 1995: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. be guided by *considered evidence*, our real world experience and expertise, our constituencies and our consciences. (emphasis mine) Phil: ‘I will tell you what IS NOT a downright lie. At 11.30am (ish) this… Read more »
phil jordan


I’m not following you on this.

Are you suggesting that my experience and my knowledge of this event did NOT actually take place….?
(vix appears to suggest it did….)

Are you suggesting there was no car..? No loud hailer? no pronounciations…?

What exactly are you suggesting….?

Patrick mckay.

So PJ,with so many “eye whitness”s”,the car registration was?

phil jordan

patrick mckay:

you mean ear witness surely….?

Daniel James
Phil, you seem confused. No-one denies that there was a megaphone tour of the Island by Green Party supporters yesterday, and that Vix was in one of the cars which passed through Ryde. Where we differ is that you got the time at which you saw Vix wrong by several hours, typo or not, yet you claim to remember what she said, from a moving vehicle, better… Read more »
phil jordan

i am tiring of this.

i do not need evidence that confirms my own knowledge…. though there is, of course, a fair bit of that as well.

Daniel James

Phil, you do need evidence if you are going to make allegations in a public forum against other people. I would have thought a councillor should know that.

I have asked you to produce your supposed witnesses and you have failed to do so. I think you owe Vix an apology.

sam salt

Talk about storm in a teacup. Time for everyone to grow up and shut up. Ballot boxes are open and let’s face it one of six will be the victor. What happened on Tuesday in Ryde at what time will be irrelevant tomorrow morning. May the best man or woman win and let’s get on with life.


Deckchair arranging?


Spot on Tess.

Mark Francis

All part of the rough & tumble of Island politics.
Back in the days of Steve Ross & Woodnutt such an “incident” would not even be considered an “incident”.
Man up,guys.

Peter Geach
WHY DIDN’T PEOPLE VOTE? It has been reported that about 40,000 Islanders didn’t vote! Clearly not main party supporters; but they were nonetheless the King or Queen makers. We could easily have had a Green MP if that is what they had voted; or indeed anyone else. Whatever; it would likely have been a different result to ‘more of the same’! Is it non-voters; no hopers? I… Read more »