Letter: What’s the Plan B for floating bridge service if it fails again?

This Cowes town councillor asks the Leader of the council what his Plan B is if the floating bridge fails again after being brought back into service next week.

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Cowes Town Councillor, Neil Oliver, shares this letter he sent to Leader of the Isle of Wight council, Cllr Dave Stewart, yesterday (Thursday). Ed

I am a resident of Cowes, a Cowes Town Councillor and occasional user of the Cowes floating bridge across the River Medina.

There seems to have been a relative silence on the subject of service provision from yourself and the IWC over the last six months.

In September, at a public meeting in East Cowes, you seemed to promise some action on the ‘floating bridge’ problem.

I haven’t noticed one……. yet.

Back in service prematurely?
I have read in the press that there is a plan to resume the FB6 service next week, this raises some worrying questions:

Is the service being re-started before time, ie. before the IWC and its scrutiny committee has appraised the reports on the situation, supposedly early January 2018?

Does resuming a ‘poor’ service imply – legally – any acceptance of the problematic hardware and does this compromise any legal case against the architects, engineers, builders, installers in the future?

Does the service as planned fulfil all the safety criteria it needs to?

What’s the Plan B?
If this materialises as a temporary arrangement, ie. it fails again, what is your plan ‘B’ for the provision of a safe, effective, accessible, timely, regular and funded launch service across the River Medina?

I look forward to your reply, before the weekend would be nice.

Neil Oliver, HCPC, MCSP, MSc, BSc, BSc
Cowes Town Councillor

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Friday, 8th December, 2017 2:16pm


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Email updates?
No amount of fiddling about and wishful thinking will alter the fact that this creation is fundamentally wrong sized and ill conceived “No names, no pack drill”, merely facilitates continuing political corruption and incompetence. Could the intention be that with the time now elapsed, rejection can finally be legally ruled out?? (This is key information – where is it?) The obvious decision was for the old one… Read more »

What’s the betting “Call me Dave” finds a more pressing engagement come Thursday’s presentation on the FB status at Northwood House (7pm)? Or will they fumigate Cllr Ward and send him instead?