Letter: Will ‘Coronapreneurs’ hold the key to saving the Isle of Wight’s economy

This reader asks whether the ‘Coronapreneurs’ hold the key to saving the Island’s economy and if so, what is their secret

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This from Hans Bromwich, Cowes. Ed

The 2008 Banking crisis, whilst devastating for many, nevertheless created opportunities for many entrepreneurs.

Now faced with the Coronavirus pandemic many business will be unsustainable in their present guise and will need to radically reinvent themselves if they are to survive.

Will ‘Coronapreneurs’ hold the key?
Alongside these enterprises there will be the ‘Coronapreneurs’, will these individuals hold the key to saving the Island’s economy, and if so, what is their secret?

The Isle of Wight historically has always been synonymous with creativity and ingenuity, will this be the life blood that successfully see us through these difficult times? and if so, how can these people be supported?

Image: Esteban Lopez under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 3rd August, 2020 8:30am


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