Live coverage of the December Executive meeting

Follow the discussions and debate at the last Executive meeting of 2014 from the comfort of your home of office.

Reporting with mobile phone from meeting -:

OnTheWight will be reporting live from the council chamber for the December Executive meeting tonight.

From 5pm the Property Disposal and Capital Programme Sub Committee will be noting John Metcalfe’s paper on the Ventnor Winter Gardens.

From 6pm the Executive will be tackling a full agenda (paper embedded below).

The live updates that appear below from inside the chamber at County Hall will automatically refresh in the page. However, to see latest comments added to the article, you’ll need to refresh the page. Items in double brackets (()) indicate comment from the author.

Click on the full screen icon to see larger version. Follow the blue links to see the papers for each agenda item.

December Executive Agenda 2014

Image: sskennel under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 9th December, 2014 4:50pm



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Steephill Jack

Interesting that Cllr. Graham Perks maintains his interest in the Winter Gardens. His appointment as concessionaire there was declared by the County Auditors to be ‘unlawful’ and his subsequent negotiation of a lower rent was ‘a breach of contract’.


I wonder if Cllr Perks will ever repay the £36,000 he owed the Council when he ran the place into the ground?


Quote “This was after Cllr Bacon said the scrutiny committee had rejected an offer to hold an additional meeting after receiving the missing paperwork.”

Perhaps the Cllr would like to share the missing paperwork here too. This would be from the published Paper D, would it?

Geoff Lumley

[part of comment removed by moderator]

“The following amended recommendations were agreed for submission to the Executive:
(II) The Executive to defer a decision until after a Members briefing and an additional Executive meeting (and if considered necessary a Scrutiny Committee) then to be arranged to discuss the issue further.”

Hardly a rejection.

The ‘missing paperwork’ regarding this rigged consultation will apparently be published next Monday.

Geoff Lumley

The above moderation removes the context. The quote I give is from the ‘Scrutiny Committee Recommendations’ paper that was, as usual, in front of all Executive members last evening, which Cllr Bacon clearly did not read given his misleading comments to the meeting.