New Isle of Wight council Scrutiny Committee meets (live coverage)

Chaired by former executive member, Cllr Paul Fuller, and including the former Leader Cllr Bacon, the new Scrutiny Committee gathers tonight to scrutinise the proposed budget for 2017/18.

paul fuller

Members of the Isle of Wight Scrutiny Committee will be gathering at County Hall from 5pm today for their February meeting. Follow below the discussion as it happens.

The meeting will be chaired by Cllr Paul Fuller, who was elected at last week’s extraordinary meeting.

With Cllr Fuller (Indie) as chair, he’ll be joined by Cllr Bacon (Indie); Cllr Bertie (Con); Cllr Hobart (Con); Cllr Howe (Indie); Cllr Lumley (Lab); Cllr Perks (UKIP) and Harry Rees (IWALC Rep). Three vacancies remain on the committee.

They will be electing a vice-chair, considering the 2017-2018 Council Budget, Treasury Management Strategy and Council Tax Setting.

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Tuesday, 7th February, 2017 4:45pm



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17 Comments on "New Isle of Wight council Scrutiny Committee meets (live coverage)"

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steve stubbings

Brilliant news about the Caretaker Leader re-instating Undercliff Drive!

Stewart Blackmore

Could it be a coincidence that the Tories are standing an ex policeman as their candidate in Ventnor West? What do they take the residents for, I wonder?

Steephill Jack

Is Undercliff Drive included in the budget, or will Island Roads do it as part of PFI contract ?
Cllr Dave Stewart is an ex-policeman – do we have another one for Ventnor West ?
I hope our Steve Stubbings stands again and we lose UKIP Cllr Perks from Ventnor East.

steve stubbings

It’s not in the budget, S.J, and I’m pretty sure Island Roads aren’t going to be coughing up. He must be getting the money from somewhere else. Maybe the CCG, following his ‘robust’ discussions with them.

SS do you agree that Island Roads should be paying for the mess they made on Undercliff Drive ? How have they managed to dodge out of it ? Or should the charge be made to the Chiefs ( namely Rambol ) and not the Indians ? We’re all agog to know. Everyone is whistling and looking the other way.I know this is old news but if… Read more »
steve stubbings

It would depend on liability. I’m not sure that has been proven.

I find it really interesting that the caretaker leader is promising to re-instate the highway (if that’s what he’s saying) He must have found a huge pot of money somewhere that I didn’t know about.

Luisa Hillard

Perhaps it’s the same pot that he intends to invest in schools to counter his government’s cuts?

Philip Hawkins

How much proof do you need?

The way Island Roads tackled the project was a disaster waiting to happen – and sure enough it did.

Do you really still need a step by step account of what went wrong?

I’m glad Cllr. Lumley raised the pertinent point about the standard of roads at the end of the contract. To remove money from the contract now of a mere £1.5 million in return for millions of pounds wasted at the end of the contract is ridiculous. As Cllr Gilbey admits; the contract was never perfect and is never going to be. Why on earth are they not… Read more »
Geoff Lumley

Sorry Colin, I will leave that to Phil Jordan, who knows far more about the sow’s ear of a PFI Deal we were sold back in 2013

I’ve been asked to comment… which I am happy to do in so far as I am able. The consultants (Atkins) completed their work over a year ago. Much of the work they provided was in fact engineering capacity for the CMT (contracts management team) which had been left without any capacity whatsoever following the early departure of the PFI contracts manager (a qualified engineer) in 2013/14.… Read more »

Thanks for that Phil. The effort is appreciated.

Philip Hawkins



so essentially, the Indies have left the building, leaving a note saying there aint nothing left…
where have I heard that before

Luisa Hillard
That would suggest that the financial situation was a surprise, or that Council funds had been mismanaged. The reality is that the Conservatives voted in favour of every previous Budget and in favour of the Independent’s most recent Medium Term Budget Strategy. It’s not a note. It’s a billboard, a national campaign and has been shouted about for several years. Perhaps they finally realise the consequences of… Read more »
Luisa Hillard
tr, let’s also clarify that ‘we’ did not ‘leave the building’. We put forward a new Leader but the Con Alliance had been advised to take over by Tory HQ. The Con Alliance administration may be little more than a puppet of those advisers now, which have attended the last Full Council meetings and almost certainly attended the Executive this evening. Such interference by national parties is… Read more »

“Cllr Stewart says he’s followed the comments through OnTheWight where some people have said that householders should pay the £10.”

Ah right, so now it is now this website that’s running the council.

Please take note of my comment above and action. :0