Live reporting from the Isle of Wight Annual Council Meeting

Follow the action from the Isle of Wight council Annual Meeting from the comfort of your sofa. We drive to Newport and back so you don’t have to – and we report live from the council chamber.

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Tonight (Wednesday) sees the Isle of Wight council Annual Meeting, where a new chairman and vice-chairman will be elected.

A number of constitutional changes (see the paper below) are to be debated and proposed, such as the Leader providing a report to the council and members permitted to ask questions, the removal of named votes on procedural decisions and alternative budgets having to be submitted with five clear working days of the Council Budget meeting.

Live updates
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Isle of Wight council Annual Meeting – May 2018 Agenda by OnTheWightNews on Scribd

Isle of Wight council Annual Meeting – PAPER B by OnTheWightNews on Scribd

Image: htakashi under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 16th May, 2018 5:50pm



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Email updates?
Geoff Brodie

I never partake of the ‘drinks and nibbles’ with the ‘dignatories’ as the cost would feed 4 Foodbank-dependent families for a week. Also disappointed that a Labour councillor was for the first time in my experience voting for the Tory slate of committee chairs.


Would that be the shiny new Labour Cllr B-S? Old habits die hard.
When will people realise that democracy on this Island is DEAD?


I believe Councillor Baker-Smith was involved with the Transportation portfolio as a cabinet member during the recent Independent administration.
Perhaps she could start her drive for greater transparency with a full, unvarnished, account the specification, tendering and selection process they used for the new floating bridge?

Geoff Brodie

Incorrect. That was Cllr Smart, still an IW Indy


Then I stand corrected and apologise but I hope that the general point stands and, after so much time and water has passed under (over and around) the bridge a true and transparent account of the who, how and when of the specifications, design, tendering and selection process came about.


Cllr Fuller dumped as Chair of Scutiny, despite plaudits. Clearly just a bit _too_ effective? No doubt Cllr Garrett will be more efficient (read “pliable”).

Geoff Brodie

I suspect that will learn that Cllr Garratt is very far from pliable. I’m actually quite surprised the Tories have let him into the position, but then they don’t really know him yet.

Andrew Garratt

Pliable? Not in the least!


How convenient that public questions, especially from students, not admitted. We wouldn’t want another Andrew Turner embarrassment, would we?
Noted that Cllr B-S did not take the ooportunity to declare her change of allegiance before proposing a change of chairmanship.
Agreed that Lora has been a breath of fresh air.


Apologies for leaving at 8.15, GCSES at the moment in my house and need to be home.


A poor excuse J J-E!