Long-term public health arrangement with Hampshire set to be agreed

The Isle of Wight council has had an interim arrangement with Hampshire in place since the beginning of last year. They are recommending the cabinet approve a long-term arrangement.

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The Isle of Wight council share this latest news. Ed

The Island’s public health service is set to move to a new long-term strategic partnership with Hampshire County Council, subject to approval this month (July) by both authorities.

The Cabinet of the Isle of Wight Council is being asked to approve the move when it meets on 11 July, and Hampshire County Council on 22 July.

The new partnership – already supported by Public Health England – will build on a successful interim arrangement between the Island’s council and Hampshire which has been in place since January 2018.

IWC retaining responsibility
The Isle of Wight Council will retain responsibility for public health policy and strategy to best meet the needs of the Island’s community.

Public health services focus on improving the health of the population through a range of statutory and other programmes of work including empowering the population to make healthy choices, protecting them from health harms and working with partners for the best health outcomes.

Public Health responsibility since 2013
Councils at ‘upper tier’ level, like the Isle of Wight Council, took over the responsibility for public health from the NHS in April 2013.

The full details of the new partnership, including public health targets and resources needed, are recommended for delegation to the council’s chief executive and Cabinet member responsible for public health.

Building long-term on interim public health arrangement
Councillor Clare Mosdell, Cabinet member responsible for public health, said:

“If approved by the Cabinet and Hampshire County Council, this new partnership will help us to build for the long-term on the interim public health arrangements we already have in place with Hampshire – alongside what has proven to be a very successful arrangement for children’s services.

“It will allow us to fully share knowledge, expertise and resources for the benefit of Island residents in terms of the future provision, development and promotion of public health services.”

Grajewski: Continue productive working relationship
Councillor Judith Grajewski, Executive member for public health, Hampshire County Council, said:

“Subject to approval, we look forward to continuing the productive working relationships we have developed with public health colleagues on the Island, designed to ensure the very best outcomes for local residents, both young and old, in the short and longer term.”

The new partnership would start on 1 August 2019, if agreed by the leadership of both councils.

The report can be viewed via the council’s Website.

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Wednesday, 3rd July, 2019 4:30pm


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I hope the councillors of the ‘upper Tier level’ know the practical and financial implications of this wordy press release. ‘” Empowering the population to make healthy choices” is not too practical when dentistry and glasses are unaffordable, only those on guarantee credit get any help with social care and chunks of hospital services are to be on the mainland. There is a choice, like it or… Read more »