First look at new Island Line train interior (HD computer rendering)

It’s all change for the new upcoming Island Line trains. OnTheWight has secured a first glimpse at what the interiors will look like and detail their new facilities and passenger capacity.

Slice of SWR Island Line Interiors

Yesterday saw much excitement about the new trains coming to the Isle of Wight to replace the 1938 trains that Island Line currently has.

Now with the headline news out of the way, OnTheWight thought it’d be worthwhile digging into the details.

We all know (and many love) the interior of the current trains, but what will the new ones be like? What facilities will they have?

OnTheWight has secured a render created by Vivarail of their vision for the interior of the new Island Line train (below), as well as more details.

  • USB mobile charging “Accessible from every seat”
  • Free on-board WiFi
  • Passenger information screens
  • Wheelchair space and ‘call for aid’ buttons

Vivarail tell OnTheWight that the trains they will be delivering will be in their ‘City’ configuration, giving the following over the two carriage trains:

  • 82 fixed seats, plus four fold up ones
  • Space for 108 people to stand
  • Giving a total capacity of 188 people

The trains can also be reconfigured to have more than two carriages, providing longer trains during holiday periods and at peak times.

Vivarail computer rendering
The image below is an HD image (large), so feel free to click on it to examine it more closely.

SWR Island Line Interiors - Sept 2019

Tuesday, 17th September, 2019 8:45am



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4 Comments on "First look at new Island Line train interior (HD computer rendering)"

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There should be plenty of room for bicycles on the new trains. In Copenhagen, for example, bicycle are allowed free on trains and this has increased passenger usage and increased revenue.

Stuart George

Bikes are allowed free here.


One of the problems with the existing trains is that the side by side seats are not really wide enough for two people. The new ones look OK but how are they managing that? Narrower gangway or wider train? If the latter how are they going to fit the line’s loading gauge. Will every platform have to be chopped back at bit?

Jenny Smart

Way too blue for my liking