Make your jewellery as unique as your relationship, with the help of Serendipity Diamonds

Your relationship is one of a kind – wouldn’t it be great if your jewellery was too? Serendipity Diamonds has a number of ways to help you make this come true.

Over the last few months, OnTheWight has shared with you a range of jewellery ideas from Serendipity Diamonds, who are now well established on the High Street in Ryde.

One thing that continues to impress us is that Serendipity are always innovating – seeking out new ways to personalise jewellery to you.

Your relationship is unique, it’s right that the jewellery that you give or exchange with your partner will be just as unique.

We’ve shown you Valentine’s and Christmas gift ideas, how to make the most of a loved one’s jewellery by remodelling and creating bespoke jewellery and have run through what you need to think about when choosing an engagement ring.

But their ideas don’t end there, Serendipity Diamonds also offer more unique and distinctive ways to personalise your jewellery, be that rings, pendants or even cuff links.

Personalise your jewellery with a heartbeat
You’ve bought the engagement ring, popped the question, he/she has said yes and now it’s time to plan the wedding, and that means wedding rings too.

There’s no need to settle for plain wedding bands, when you can personalise your wedding ring with your loved one’s heartbeat, engraved as an electrocardiograph reading on the outside or inside of your wedding ring.

Serendipity can create this unusual wedding ring style in a wide choice of precious metals – including responsibly-sourced Fairtrade Gold – and offer an optional finish from a choice of mirror-polished or brushed-satin.

Serendipity's heartbeat engraving

Once you’ve placed your order, they’ll capture a clear electrocardiograph image from the person whose heartbeat is being engraved.

You can pop into their Ryde High Street showroom where they capture your actual heartbeat using the latest technology. Or if you are not on the Isle of Wight, the team will send you a simple kit to take your heartbeat in the comfort of your own home, using a sensor which links to an iPhone.

Matching cufflinks
The heartbeat engraving doesn’t just apply to rings. Serendipity also offer the service for cuff links too.

Serendipity's heartbeat cufflinks

The same process is used to capture the heartbeat and engrave the cuff links.

See the Serendipity Diamonds Website for more detail of how to order your heartbeat jewellery.

Heart shaped fingerprint wedding rings
Your partner’s touch is so special and these distinctively-styled wedding rings, feature bride and groom’s fingerprints, brought together to form the two sides of a heart shape engraving.

Serendipity's heart shaped fingerprint personalisation instructions

The heart-shaped fingerprint can be engraved on the Arreton wedding ring style as well as the Knighton ring style.

Once you’ve ordered both rings, Serendipity will send out your fingerprint kit to take both prints (or you can pop into their Ryde showroom). Both fingerprints will then be engraved by a laser to the surface of your wedding rings in a heart-shaped pattern.

Serendipity's fingerprint personalisation instructions

See the Serendipity Diamonds Website for more detail of how to order your heart-shaped fingerprint wedding rings.

Fingerprint ring
If the heart-shaped pattern doesn’t chime with you, you can opt for your loved one’s fingerprint to be engraved to the surface of your ring.

You can choose to have the outer or inner surface engraved on any of Serendipity’s plain wedding rings for a wonderful personalisation.

Serendipity's fingerprint wedding rings

Each fingerprint is laser engraved and polished to create a truly exceptional design. As with the other bespoke pieces, the rings will take around four weeks to create.

Serendipity's Rose Gold Fingerprint Ring

See the Serendipity Diamonds Website for more detail of fingerprint rings.

Keep your baby’s footprints and handprints
Having children is a miraculous gift and Serendipity has a wonderful way to mark it.

Many people take a plastercast of their child’s feet or hands, but Serendipity preserves this forever in a gold pendant that you can always treasure.

Serendipity's footprint pendant

The pendant, measuring 17mm long by 13mm wide, is suspended from a secure 18 inch chain, and has a mirror-polished face, which is laser engraved with a faithful copy of your submitted prints.

Serendipity's gold footprints and handprints

Serendipity will be able to provide all the support you need to create your perfect prints. These commissions are delivered to your door, beautifully boxed and ready to present.

See the Serendipity Diamonds Website for more detail of Footprint Engraved Gold Pendant.

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Serendipity Diamonds in Ryde High Street

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