New group aims to connect Isle of Wight farmers with local communities and potential workforce

A new Group which initially aims to connects farmers and a potential land army, “creating jobs and resilience to the Island’s local food production” has launched on Facebook

person handing over a bowl of tomatoes to another person

A new Facebook group has been formed to connect local communities and a potential land army with farmers and land owners

Island-RAIN (Regenerative Action Impact Network) is a platform aimed at building strong ties between farmers, land owners and their local communities on the Isle of Wight.

From voluntary roles to jobs
The Group description explains plans to initially gather a volunteer workforce, which in turn could lead to jobs.

Island-RAIN needs you to now come forward and in the first instance we need two things, a list of willing farm/land owners and also a complimentary list of folk willing to work with those land owners.

We *initially* seek to facilitate a volunteer workforce for farms that need it, simply to get the food that we eat cared for and in and out of the land…to our plates, but during the process we also seek to facilitate complimentary opportunities to farmers and communities alike, creating jobs and resilience to the Island’s local food production.

Head over to the Facebook Group to find out more.

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Wednesday, 1st April, 2020 9:03am



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4 Comments on "New group aims to connect Isle of Wight farmers with local communities and potential workforce"

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Good news and perhaps something positive that will come out of the current problems. Less reliance and national companies and conglomerates and the realisation that we can all work towards our own localities and environments to grow and produce to meet our needs. That does not necessarily mean a return to ‘cottage’ industries but assisting others and local economies locally.

Eagle eye

Brilliant, just what the island needs.

My comment in a previous article where Bob said he was volunteering now seems apt.

“I hear their looking for a land army to pick the fruit and veg. Seems like an ideal job for Captain Bob to take command of.”

With his connections Bob is the ideal candidate to take this forward.

Angela Hewitt

This is great news and I am sure there are, as I said in a previous post, plenty of college and uni’ students that can do this work. But surely they can be paid! Workers from abroad got paid and farmers are selling the food to supermarkets and we as customers are paying for it

Mark L Francis

there was a wage in agricultural wages due to the black death too.