Nick Martin: Blue Eyed Blues (video)

In a new format, we mash up the audio of the podcast and stills from the exhibition of Nick Martin.

Nick Martin: Blue Eyed Blues (video)In a departure from our usual format of interviews being broadcast just through a podcast, we’ve been having a play with merging audio and stills to create something new.

Yesterday, we published our podcast with Ryde artist, Nick Martin, who currently has an exhibition at Quay Arts.

Today, we’re trying out our new format of audio with stills of the exhibition.

Do let us know what you think by adding a comment. Does it add depth to the interview? Are you interested in seeing the stills whilst you hear the interview? Was it worth the effort? We hope so.

The video also features our new VentnorBlog ident music by Andy Jones.

Friday, 27th March, 2009 10:05am



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Worth it? Yes for sure, especially for a subject such as this, so that we can examine something close up. The music does add depth in its own right too – it makes it a show. And it was amazing seeing nearly all of the guys pictured there at Quay Arts the other week, standing beside their pictures with a glass of wine…