PC Keith Haywood: Island’s First Tweeting Policeman

Keith Haywood is, we think, the Island’s first tweeting policeman.

It’s good to see that the Isle of Wight now has its first Tweeting Policeman.

PC Keith Haywood:Island's First Tweeting PolicemanPC Keith Haywood is part of the Safer Neighbourhoods team for Pan and Fairlee in Newport.

He started on Twitter as @PCKeithHaywood at the tail end of June this year, when he did his first Tweet.

His Tweets give an taste of what fills the days of Bobbies on the Beat.

“Dealt with dangerous dog incident at lunch time, then had community meeting and now patrols around Medina High School as school kicks out” (read)

and last night

“7 vehicle prohibitions last night by the team……all for noisey exhausts!” (read)

Ryde Town Police join too
Keith’s pioneering efforts to connect to the population of the Island through Social Media are catching on, he was joined a couple of days ago by Ryde Town Police (@RydeTownPolice).

Wednesday, 6th July, 2011 4:21pm


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  1. Bedfordshire police have a page on facebook where people can ask questions like

    ‘Hi, can you please tell me why Windsor St, Farley Hill, was blocked off at about 8pm on 5th July Please?’

    with replies

    Bedfordshire Police Hi, We received a report of an assault at around 7.15pm – investigations are currently underway. Thanks

    I would love to see Isle of Wight police do this lol

  2. Fred Karno

    6.Jul.2011 6:07pm

    In years gone by and not that long ago, your local Policeman was out on the beat and you could actually talk to him (or her). You could also go into your local station and actually talk to a real Police Officer. Instead of sitting in offices and doing all this tweeting and twatting, the Police could do a lot worse than remember what their function is supposed to be and that they are also supposed to be on the side of law abiding citizens. Many serious national commentators think with justification that the Police have lost sight of their function and that the Police have lost their direction. How many cases do you read of where a citizen arrests a criminal, who gets off, but the citizen gets prosecuted?

    The lunatics are running the asylum.

  3. Knacker Of The Yard

    6.Jul.2011 6:47pm

    Sorry, but I don’t feel it’s good to have a tweeting policeman at all. The thought of him glued to his mobile phone texting away, or whatever these twitters do all through his shift whilst a crime may be in progress nearby makes my blood boil. He’s even got the classic “lottery winner imperial” smile to go with his profile. GET OUT THERE AND DETECT SOME CRIME & NICK A FEW PEOPLE (Yes I’m shouting in Cap’s lock). There is no need for this nonsense at all. Island plod will have their own channel on Sky next.

  4. HA! It only takes a few seconds to tweet. Hundreds of Islanders now know who this policeman is. He is a real person, forging relations with his community. Beat officers rarely stumble upon crimes. They are there to prevent criminality and help people feel safe. I think this is an excellent initiative.

    • Alan Mansell

      7.Jul.2011 6:30am

      I totally agree. However, he (the police officer) could learn how to spell “noisy.”

    • Pull The Other One

      7.Jul.2011 10:07am

      Initiative? It’s a gimmick, nothing more. Hundreds of Islanders couldn’t care less about him or anyone else, especially Pan (where I’m proud to live before anyone thinks I’m knocking it). This sort of thing is on a par with X Factor, Celebrity Big Brother and all of TV’s soap operas, all totally pointless and mindless.

      I don’t want to be his mate. I just want policing and justice carried out without the need for self publicity, waffle and red tape. We just don’t get that in today’s culture of having to tick boxes. The Ryde Twitter site is even more pointless. I wish I hadn’t clicked on it now

  5. Barney McGrew

    7.Jul.2011 1:02pm

    Brilliant initiative – now if VB follow him news can get out even sooner.

    Of course it might mean people actually having to talk to and trust their beat copper.We are, after all, as a reasonably free society,policed by consent.

  6. What a load of baloney! I might start a twitter page about what Island police actually do in the public eyes. “Another one pointing a speed camera at my car to get me on a drivers awareness course” and “Drunk yobs outside my house smashing things up, no police available”. This is a distinct lack of judgement and shows how unreliable and out of touch the modern force is.

    • Pull The Other One

      9.Jul.2011 10:30am

      Not only how out of touch the modern force is, but also how out of touch the unreliable political establishment is along with the majority of “Sheeple” public, who seem to think this sort of rubbish is acceptable and have become just as dehumanised as the system itself. It’s nothing more than a diversionary tactic and the majority of people have chosen to fall for it, along with this Police officer himself. His superiors whilst patting him on the back for his initiative, will be also be laughing their heads off at him and us, as it takes the spotlight off of what they are doing to us from behind the scenes.

  7. The secret policeman's ball

    9.Jul.2011 10:39am

    Well it’s a PR stunt…. nothing more. Let’s face it, he isn’t going to tweet the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is he M’lud….?

  8. We pay for this nonsense, PC Hayward must be pretty useless at his job if he has to justify what hes doing on a daily basis.

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