Perhaps time for a ‘Labour Pro-Leave’ candidate, says Cllr Brodie

In response to a vote from Isle of Wight Labour members to the national leadership for a ballot of its members over Brexit, Independent Labour councillor, Geoff Brodie, asks whether it’s time for a ‘Labour Pro-Leave’ candidate on the Island.

Geoff Lumley

Cllr Geoff Brodie shares this response to calls for a national ballot of members on Brexit. Ed

So the Isle of Wight Labour Party has decided to ignore the majority who voted to Leave the EU just over two years ago and to campaign for Labour Party members’ wishes to override the decision of the wider electorate.

Just as they are agitating for a second referendum behind the scenes. And no doubt a third and even more if the British people continue to vote to Leave this undemocratic and economically neo-liberal institution, contrary to the wishes of ‘those who know best’.

Referendum result “would be respected”
The Labour Party leadership nationally has always indicated democratically that the referendum result would be respected, but pressure from constituency parties like the Island’s local Labour Party could lead to a reversal in policy at September’s Annual Conference.

Ironically two-thirds of Labour MPs represent constituencies that voted to Leave the EU.

Out of step with Island residents
Here on the Island there was a very clear vote to Leave (62%) and the local Labour party is entirely out of step with local residents on this issue.

As a then-Labour councillor I campaigned for a Leave vote back in June 2016 and the vote in my ward reflected that.

I was then re-elected to the IW Council for a fourth time in May 2017 with a large increase in support, when all other Labour candidates were losing. In January I left Labour largely over my isolation within the party over my opposition to the EU.

‘Labour Pro-Leave’ candidate?
Now that IW Labour has decided to campaign for a reversal of Labour’s Leave policy, perhaps it is time for a ‘Labour Pro-Leave’ candidate on the Island at the next general election?

Without one we would have candidates of the centre-left (IW Labour, Green, LibDem) who want to Remain and candidates of the right (Tory, Ukip) who want to Leave.

Entirely socialist reasons for being anti-EU
Just because you are opposed to the EU doesn’t mean you have to vote Tory or worse. There are entirely socialist reasons for being anti-EU as well as the little-Englander arguments of the right.

It is an entire nonsense to assert as IW Labour do that a Labour Government would be unable to implement manifesto policies outside the EU.

Thursday, 9th August, 2018 10:00am



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Email updates?
Polling indicates 63% of labour voters support a 2nd referendum, while 8% are against. Cllr Brodie doesn’t seem concerned about the will of the people quite as much as the will of Cllr Brodie. Even if we ignore the electoral malfeasance, law breaking and lies, it’s lunacy to suggest that we somehow have to pay respect to an outdated vote. All available evidence shows the majority of… Read more »

In 1975 we voted to join the Common Market. The electorate never had a vote on whether to become part of the European Union. I am still in favour of being part of the Common Market, but not at the expense of the UK losing its independence which has already started to happen.


However you voted in the referendum, if you think we should all have a say in the final decision, then consider signing the Indy Final Say petition. 600,000 have signed it so far

Steve Goodman
I saw that those wanting us to have a final say previously included prominent eurosceptics and leading tory troublemakers Jacob Rees-Mogg, David Davies, and John Redwood (link to follow). Luckily, they and their friends are sufficiently wealthy and well-connected to be immune from whatever increasingly expensive damage is done by the time the politicians decide what to dump on us. Over two years on, and still nobody… Read more »
Robert Jones
The resolution which was supported at the last All Members’ Meeting called for a ballot of Labour Party members, and was submitted by one of our branches (and the press release should have made that clearer to media organizations: it was not a Constituency party press release, and doesn’t at this stage anyway amount to a change in policy: but nobody claimed it did). The motion was… Read more »
Robert Jones

‘after’ months of haggling, not ‘other’.

Geoff Brodie
Mr Jones is not being honest. Back in March the IW Labour Party voted that “The Labour Party should propose a referendum on the terms of Brexit, and this would include an option to remain in the EU” and also agreed not to make this publicly known. This is very likely to become Labour policy at next month’s Annual Conference. After which a Labour Pro-Leave candidate –… Read more »
Robert Jones
That has nothing to do with this resolution; the IW Labour Party campaigned against Brexit – not surprising that it should favour any means of saving this country from the mess it’s about to get itself entangled in. As for not publishing resolutions, though – well now, here’s an unusual note of agreement: I tend to agree that if you pass a resolution on national policy, as… Read more »
Geoff Brodie
The tortured polemic of a 1970-80s old Labour relic, resurrected after his sojourns in another party. Of course the ‘secret motion’ has something to do with the latest nonsense from IW Labour. Particularly when they had tried to keep it secret. Even Mr Jones can see how discreditable that is, but he cannot seem to join the dots. Personally, although I supported a Lexit and still do,… Read more »
Ian Young

“The tortured polemic of a 1970-80s old Labour relic,”

That is a great line Geoff, the irony of which is not lost on me and I am sure will not be lost on others who despair at today’s Labour party.

Geoff Brodie

Me too. Though my despair is about the local party; yours will no doubt will be about the national party

Ian Young
Labour policy on Brexit is being driven not by party members or indeed by the PLP, but by the Leader and the likes of Seumas Milne. Had Momentum not prevented a debate on Brexit at last year’s Labour Conference things could well have been different by now, but if you elect and support a long standing Eurosceptic as leader don’t be surprised when your party finds itself… Read more »

Same as Corbyn then ;-)


I must thank ThomasC for making my point about misinformation.
There was no 1975 referendum about the UK joining European Common Market.
We were taken into the Common Market in 1973 without a referendum, the 1975 referendum was on whether to remain in it and, consequently, has no more authority than the more recent vote

I am not a Labour supporter, or even a socialist, and have disagreed with Cllr Brodie’s position many, many times but, perhaps more markedly since his independence from the party, I don’t think that anyone could doubt his personal integrity. I would like to think that he would encourage more mature, genuine and experienced ‘conscience’ politicians from every persuasion, and at every level, capable of making reasoned… Read more »
What a shame Comrade Brodie isn’t able to respect the 1975 vote to join the Common Market, with its consistent aim for closer union, which has led to the current EU. That was a far larger proportion of the vote. If it had been held with the same number of registered voters as were registered in 2016, the Yes vote would have been over 20m. How disrespectful… Read more »