Petition launched to protect future of Brown’s Family Golf Course

The petition is calling on the Isle of Wight council to recognise the heritage of Brown’s Golf Course and seek protection of the much-loved public asset

Flags and Wildflowers Browns is the venue for events such as Hullabaloo this year online and the Lost Duver rewilding project

An online petition has been launched with the aim of persuading the Isle of Wight Council to “acknowledge the unique heritage of Brown’s and guarantee the protection of this much-loved public asset, with all it has to offer, for future generations”.

Failed to reassure residents
The future for the family golf and cafe business has become uncertain as talks appeared to stall between Isle of Wight council and bidders for Dinosaur Isle.

Earlier this year the Isle of Wight council failed to provide reassurance to residents that the land would not be part of the sale of Dinosaur Isle deal.

Over 1,000 signatures so far
Launched just a few days ago, the petition has already attracted over 1,000 comments.

It was created following news that the lease was not renewed and expires next month.

IWC: Tenant “declined the opportunity”
An Isle of Wight Council spokesperson told News OnTheWight,

“The current tenant of Browns Golf in Sandown, Isle of Wight Zoo, served notice to the authority that they wished to terminate their lease.

“The managers who operated the cafe and golf site on behalf of the tenant, were offered a short-term lease subject to negotiation, however they declined the opportunity.

“The Isle of Wight council is currently looking at options for Brown’s Golf, including a short-term tenant, whist the long-term future of the site is decided as part of the Bay Regeneration.”

The petition
If you would like to add your signature and voice to the petition you can do so on the Website.

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Monday, 21st September, 2020 12:25pm



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It is high time the IWC made a decision about the future of Dinosaur Isle. Brown’s has always worked in liaison with the museum to the advantage of both.

The IWC are being very disingenuous, yes, an extension to the contract was offered, but the terms, as explained in the announcement of closure released by the current Leesee, were clearly completely unacceptable in terms of business viability. Knowing how Councils operate, if they want ‘ to get rid to pursue an agenda of their own and to their advantage of course, not the ‘victim’, such a… Read more »
Benny C

No doubt local Cabinet member Asian Ward is in the thick of this doing his duty….what? Browsing? For trousers? I thought he bought some not long ago in the Scrutiny Committee meeting?

Benny C

Ian. Spell check!

Benny C
I went to see this last week given all the press attention. It’s, well, awful. I am pretty sure the zoo are leaving because it’s not viable, on the basis those who may say they love it don’t use it and neither does anyone else in sufficient numbers to make a profit. Should the Council support all businesses that don’t work? Adapt or die. It’s a commercial… Read more »