Pioneering Isle of Wight bus shelter charity being wound up

As reported by OnTheWight in January, after almost a year since the IW Council promised to help find a suitable place, the bus was still ‘homeless’.

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It was pioneered on the Isle of Wight and sparked similar schemes around the country, but the charity that runs the Isle of Wight Bus Shelter has announced today it’s being wound up.

A message posted to Facebook reads:

With a heavy heart I’m sorry to say that as the council have not allowed us to open again. The bus is being gifted to another bus shelter charity in Norwich. The charity is in the process of being wound up.

No permanent location
As reported by OnTheWight in January, after almost a year since the IW Council promised to help find a suitable place, the bus was still ‘homeless’.

The Isle of Wight Bus Shelter was originally situated at Seaclose Park, Newport, but moved from the site during the Isle of Wight Festival in June 2017 and was not reopened due to difficulties finding an appropriate site.

The bus was left to rust, unused and sat at a site in Sandown.

Supporters have flooded the charity’s Facebook post with condolences.

OnTheWight has approached the Isle of Wight council for a response to the news.

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How pathetic and incompetent is this IOW Council ?!


The bus shouldn’t have to be moved off the Island. People need it here.

Benny C

A fraction of the cash Dinosaur Dave Stewart has committed to spend on yet another Undercliff Drive survey would have saved this and done way way more good per pound spent. Can’t see sense, can’t control cash, can’t manage, can’t lead. Vote him out.


This is scandalous!

There was a perfect spot for the bus on a large concrete site on Clissold Road.

People are quick to criticise but I wonder if they would be happy for the bus to be parked in their street. Anyone who has had any encounter with the bus will confirm that it mainly caters for those with alcohol dependency, drug use and psychological issues. The truth is, they need residential detox in an institution, not a few nights dossing on an old bus.
So to use your logic anyone with MH or dependency issues should get treatment in residential units? Shame that these were the first to be destroyed in the name of austerity.. perhaps they should be put onto covered wagons and driven off the Island because ‘it aint our problem!’.. I am amazed that Nibyism still exists when every single person from working to lower middle class has… Read more »
One of the most damaging acts of Thatcher was “Care in the Community”. Closing the Mental Hospitals and having the residents spread across our towns and cities. Many can’t manage in the community, whatever “support” the health and care system try to offer. Most would benefit from long term, sometimes permanent, residential care where they can be properly assessed, medicated, fed, housed be free from the pressures… Read more »