Portsmouth City Council approve plans for a new clean air zone: Isle of Wight impact

Older, non-compliant buses, coaches, taxis and heavy goods vehicles will be impacted under the new scheme.

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Portsmouth City Council will press ahead with preparations for a clean air zone on Portsea Island, which will charge older, non-compliant buses, coaches, taxis and heavy goods vehicles.

The proposal was agreed at a cabinet meeting yesterday (Monday).

Other measures being pursued
A number of other measures, including writing to parents of schoolchildren about the benefits of walking, installing electric charging points in taxi ranks and asking government a second time for cash to provide free bus passes for all in the city will also be pursued.

Under a directive from the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs the council needs to prove it can reduce air pollution to a ‘safe’ level in the shortest possible time.

If they fail, a clean air zone charging all drivers in the city will be imposed.

Class B zone to be introduced
The council is confident a class B zone – which excludes private motorists – would be successful along with these other measures.

The council’s head of environment and climate change, Cllr Dave Ashmore, said:

“We can’t just rely on a clean air zone to solve our pollution problems.

“As soon as we hit compliance the zone can be removed, which doesn’t help.

“We need to put other things in place that will help with air quality in the long term.”

Island concerns
Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Robert Seely, revealed yesterday that he’d written to Portsmouth City Council to raise concerns about the impact a Clean Air Zone in the city may have on the Isle of Wight’s small haulage companies and coach companies visiting the Island.

A report will now be prepared for Defra.

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Tuesday, 10th September, 2019 8:04am


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About time something is being done! I followed a minibus taxi (one from the beginning of the alphabet) up the downs road this afternoon and it was blowing out thick black smoke the whole way – windows up air vents shut and it still stank.

There’s no-one to report it to at present as I understand it unless it’s a PSV or HGV.


If all want to be serious about this, consider
A new vehicle port at Palmers Brook, with a link to the racecourse roundabout.
On the Mainland, a new vehicle port at Brownwich Beach with a link up to Warsash road, Southampton Road, M27.
Simples let the two shipping companies tender for it and the two cities should subsidise it. Pedestrian traffic would continue to the cities.

Benny C
Bob Seeley wrote a letter. Well thank goodness , what a help that will be. He can say he represented us all, Portsmouth can nod but remain in control and we all have to pay for precisely no benefit. He is powerless to stop this. Just like he is powerless to influence planning policy or just about anything that actually impacts residents. He hasn’t got the civic… Read more »

We if they want rid of the coaches and heavy wight bound traffic, the answer is the freedom tunnel which will avoid both cities.
They should help us with survey costs and support the bid to get it built.