Proceeds from Yarmouth Vintage Boot Sale to fund creative classes for primary school children

A huge well done to Nao Utsumi for pulling off yet another successful Vintage Boot Sale, the proceeds of which will go to fund creative classes for young Islanders at the primary school.

money being counted

On August’s bank holiday Sunday thousands of people flocked to Yarmouth for the delightful Vintage Car Boot Sale.

Organised entirely by Nao Utsumi (of Rust Jewellers) this is the third year for the increasingly-popular event, where vintage items are sold from vintage cars. Nao had been busy in the previous weeks promoting all those taking part, telling the stories of some of the businesses involved and ensuring that all who visited the Boot Sale left feeling richer for the experience.

Getting busy at the Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot Sale

Fabulous items on offer
It was a gloriously sunny day, and as the crowds flocked to the school field in Yarmouth they were welcomed by a beautifully-decorated field, the sound of vintage music floating through the air and the tempting smell of food being cooked.

Wares on offer at the Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot Sale

There were over 40 vintage cars booked in, as well as five vintage food vans and even a beautiful vintage boat – whose owner was on hand to share its fascinating history.

A vintage car at the Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot Sale

The day included live music from Company B and even a live antique auction.

All for a good cause
Over 2,300 people visited the Vintage Car Boot Sale and a whopping £1,500 was raised for Yarmouth Primary School.

Money raised at the Boot Sale

Nao explains how the money will be used,

“The Yarmouth Primary School have agreed to use the money raised for creative activities, so we’re hoping to start and fund after-school clubs for art, music, drama or anything creative.”

Company B performing at the Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot Sale

The importance of creativity
When he learnt that art or music lessons are no longer provided at primary school, Nao knew exactly how the money should be spent and spoke to Yarmouth Primary about the idea.

“It was so shocking to discover that the kids don’t have art or music lessons at primary school anymore…because simply Ofsted doesn’t count them for school assessments.

“Isn’t creativity the most important thing after all? Weren’t art lessons the whole point for you to go to primary school when you were at their age?

“This is a crucial period of their life, when they could be drawing, making and singing without thinking about exams.

The Brighstone Lobster at the Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot Sale

Classes by local creatives
Going on to explain how the money will be used, Nao said,

“So we’re in talks with local creatives who participated at our event.

“They will be teachers and run short courses for art, wood-working, animal-making, or even bicycle building!”

“If the kids like it and parents are happy to pay, the courses will continue without our funding.”

A proper wage
In return for their skills at these after-school art classes, the local creatives will be paid decent wages.

They’ll be paid £35-£50 an hour depending on the number of the students and the Vintage Car Boot Sale will be sponsoring the first five lessons.

Happy customers at the Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot Sale

Parents will be paying for real education (not simply for childminding or having your kids sat in front of the TV).

Can you offer skills?
If you are a creative who can offer skills, or perhaps someone able to top up the funding, get in touch with Nao (see links below) or the school.

Boats by Philip Crewe

As Nao says,

“You never know, a mighty creative oak may grow from this tiny Yarmouth School, they may bring a fruitful future to this Island.

“It’s a tiny start for this long term, amazing concept yet pretty hopeful(!) investment.

“But again, the failure for us is “not doing anything so let us try.”

Find out more
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Image: All © Nao Utsumi

Monday, 2nd September, 2019 3:15pm



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