Pupils’ learning is improving at Medina College, say Ofsted following inspection

The College has more to do in order to be rated as ‘Good’ but the inspector said there was a ‘determined start’ to change

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Medina College has continued its long-running streak of being rated ‘requires improvement’ but inspectors said they saw a ‘determined start’ to change things.

Since the college opened in 2011, Ofsted has rated the school as ‘requires improvement’ — this has not changed with the latest result of their January inspection coming in the same but the school is ‘getting better’.

Pupils’ learning is improving
Ofsted inspectors said pupils’ learning is improving with most wanting to learn and they feel ‘disappointed’ when poor behaviour disrupts their learning.

However, what pupils achieve is still ‘variable’, especially in science where ‘considerable variation’ was shown with learning ‘not always systematic and coherent’.

Rates of attendance “too low for too long”
Inspectors noted the curriculum is being developed because teachers did not see pupils learning well and have continued to encourage the growth ‘so pupils build their knowledge’ and broaden their horizons to include different aspects ‘such as life in modern Britain’.

Pupils’ attendance also needs to improve as rates of attendance ‘have been too low for too long’.

Parr-Burman: “Determined to ensure improvements made quickly”
Executive headteacher, Matthew Parr-Burman, said:

“As with the recent inspection at Carisbrooke, staff and I share a frustration that we have not reached the overall good judgement that we are all working towards.

“However, the report echoes our own feelings towards what we are doing well and what still requires further improvement.

“We know we are not yet where we need to be, but are determined to ensure improvements are made quickly.”

Island VI Form inspection
Also inspected was The Island VI Form where teaching was said to be strong with a wide and relevant range of subjects for students to choose from.

Inspectors said sixth form teachers ensure the students get well-informed support, but not all pupils have their interests and talents developed.

Mumford: “Thrilled inspection team recognised strengths of VI Form”
David Mumford, head of school at The Island VI Form, said:

“The comments made about sixth form provision in the report highlight exactly what our strengths are.

“The Island VI Form is an ideal bridge between school and higher education or employment and gives students more choice, freedom and responsibility.

“We are thrilled the inspection team recognised these strengths and will continue to build on our successes.”

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