‘Riverside Quarter’ plan is kneejerk reaction say Island Labour

Island Labour say the ‘Riverside Quarter’ plans from the Conservatives are “another knee jerk reaction”

Richard Quigley in Cowes

Chair of the Isle of Wight Labour Party, Richard Quigley, shares his opinion of the Island Conservatives’ Newport Riverside Quarter plans.

In his own words. Ed

The thing about politics, especially at local level, is that generally all parties are trying to get to a similar destination. Just on a different bus.

In this instance, the Tories seem to have hopped off the bus and swapped it for a limo bound for lala land.

The whole Island needs focus
I’m glad they have admitted they have presided over the decline of our county town, but it’s not just Newport that needs regeneration. The whole Island needs focus. 

They have presided over a huge reduction in pretty much all council services. We should be asking where the money is now coming from, as they pleaded poverty in order to raise council taxes by over 5 per cent only last month, but now there is money for everything.

Another knee jerk reaction
This latest announcement is another knee jerk reaction and doesn’t form part of a comprehensive regeneration plan for the Island as a whole.

It looks more like a threat of “elect us or Newport dies”. 

There are over 7,000 children living in poverty on the Island, the Tories had to be pressured into doing the right thing over school meal vouchers.

Our high streets are suffering and their response is to increase parking charges. Every time a contract comes up for renewal, it goes to a mainland company. 

Electorate can tell a bribe when they see one
For the Tories, staying in power is more important than getting to the right destination, the electorate aren’t daft.

They can tell a bribe when they see one, so I ask that everyone carefully considers their vote on 6th May. 

A joined up strategy for regeneration
Island Labour have a joined up strategy for regeneration, centred around building community wealth, council homes and well paid jobs.

Sadly the Tories are just grasping at straws. Another four years of a Conservative council will destroy what spirit the Island has left.

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Friday, 2nd April, 2021 2:45pm


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The IoW Conservative dominated council is intellectually and morally bankrupt. The considerable Tory majority has induced complacency and apathy, meaning that the time has come for political change. There is an urgent need for fresh energy and ideas to be injected into the body responsible for spending our money on realistic projects designed for the benefit of all who live on the Island. Now there is an… Read more »

Barely a month goes by without our council appearing in Private Eye magazine for dodgy practices.

Issue #1541 records concerns over the apparently unlawful actions of the “Independent Remuneration Panel” in its Rotten Boroughs section.


Election talk from all sides, it seems.

A knee jerk reaction to what, Richard? Not arguing it’s a good or bad plan, but wouldn’t you need some event to quickly react to?


I’m surprised it needs explanation, but the knee jerk response is quite clearly to an UPCOMING ELECTION. It appears a desperate attempt by the current administration to fake credibility in the eyes of the electorate. While Richard’s politics are not always my own (I’m one of those on a ‘different bus’) his observations here are right on the mark.