The increases on your Isle of Wight council tax bill explained

If you’re wondering why the overall percentage increase on your council tax bill is higher than 4.99 per cent, here’s why

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During to lead up to budget setting meeting at the Isle of Wight council, Islanders would have read about a proposed 4.99 per cent increase to their council tax bill.

Island households should have now received their council tax bill for 2021-22. Some have raised concerns about the total percentage increase being more than 4.99 per cent. In some cases Islanders have seen increases of seven or eight per cent.

IWC portion only
The 4.99 per cent increase relates only to the portion of council tax that goes directly to Isle of Wight council.

Three per cent of that figure is ringfenced for Adult Social Care and the remaining 1.99 per cent is the base increase designed to help raise revenue as the IWC see a reduction in support from the Government.

Town, parish and community councils
In addition to the amount collected for IWC (the bulk), you’ll also see details of your own Town, parish and community council’s precept.

These vary across the Island, some areas will see a larger increase than others depending on what services they plan to take on or provide in the coming year.

Police and Fire Service precepts
Also included on your council tax bill is the annual increase for the Police authority.

The Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, announced earlier in the year he was increasing this by the equivalent of £15 per annum for band D households. This constituted a 7.1 per cent increase.

In addition, you’ll also find broken down on your council tax bill a payment for Hants & IOW Fire Authority.

This increased by two per cent for Band D households.

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Eagle eye
Can someone please explain to me why we still have to pay for a Police and Crime Commissioner when policing has got worse since their inception. They’ve built their own little empires at tax payers expense with little or no accountability. We need to spend the money on policing not a retirement post to build up a pension. Please, someone tell me where the petition is and… Read more »

Must be kart of the masons

Geoff Brodie

Despite yet again expanding it’s services for this year Newport & Carisbrooke Community Council REDUCED its precept this year.


Well done Geoff. It’s a great shame you are not running the show rather than that useless Tory rabble.


Let’s ensure we get rid of this useless administration.

I can’t believe how much we pay and for what. Police are not interested unless it suits them like a traffic issue. Ok fire you accept. Parish council why and you don’t even get a road sweeper anymore so fire n dust carts. I had to give up work to ill health complications and struggled paying my bill last year. Iv got it over 12 month to… Read more »
Big increases every year can be expected. A Tory council is not going fight a Tory government, it’s not in their personal interest. They’ll simply roll over and apply whatever they are told to apply. One eye on the electorate when absolutely necessary (“we will do better, just give us another chance, anyone else would be worse”), and one eye on their Tory masters for the rest… Read more »

All we need to know is we are being exploited yet again and financing this ineffective inefficient Tory Council and Dave Stewart’s ego.


Well done On The Wight for highlighting and explaining this. Thank you.