Your questions answered on Wightlink’s change to Ryde Pier waiting times

Many OnTheWight readers had questions when Wightlink announced they were cutting the Ryde Pier car waiting time from an hour to 20 mins. Here are the answers including when the 20 mins start – and the size of Fines.

Ryde Pier Toll charges

Earlier in the week, Wightlink announced they would be reducing the waiting time on Ryde Pier from one hour to 20 minutes.

The news raised many questions, not only from readers – both here and over on our Facebook Page – but also Ryde town councillors. Cllr Critchley Julian criticised the ferry company, saying the plan was, “not properly thought through”.

OnTheWight posed a series of questions to Wightlink to help everyone understand why the changes were made and how they will be implemented.

Consulting with Town Council
Q: Why did Wightlink not contact Ryde Town Council prior to announcing this change.

A spokesperson from Wightlink replied,

“We hold regular Meet the Manager and Customer Forum sessions in Ryde and Fishbourne and invite comments and feedback about our service from customers. Several have mentioned the car parking machines on Ryde Pier needed upgrading and updating, and that finding a space can sometimes be difficult.

“Our new system gives customers different ways to pay by cash, card or the RingGo mobile phone app.

“Ryde Town Councillors are welcome to talk to Wightlink’s senior managers at these events and, of course, we are happy to meet with them to discuss car parking on the Pier or any other issues they may have.”

When does 20 mins start?
Q: At what point does the 20 mins time limit start? When the pound is paid at the barrier at the dry end?

A spokesperson from Wightlink replied,

“The cameras will be at the ‘wet end’ of the pier – after the customer has driven along it at 10mph.”

Fines for overstaying waiting time
Q: What level of fine would be imposed if waiting time is exceeded?

A spokesperson from Wightlink replied,

“Fines for current parking infringements are £100, reduced to £60 if paid promptly. This will not change under the new system.

“Once it goes live later in the month, we will review how it is working and make adjustments as necessary.”

Income from toll
Q: Since £1 driver charges were introduce, how much money has been taken?

A spokesperson from Wightlink replied,

“In 2011, Wightlink spent £5million repairing and refurbishing Ryde Pier. The £1 Pier toll goes towards the cost of keeping the 200 year old pier in good condition. Wightlink receives around £232,000 from the Pier toll every year which goes towards the cost of repairs and maintenance.”

Any other relevant questions that arise, we’d be happy to put to Wightlink.

Friday, 15th June, 2018 12:43pm



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Email updates?
Have Wightlink considered the following? Should the catamaran be runnining late and therefore those vehicles, including taxi’s, waiting to pick up passengers, then go over the alloted 20 minute wait, is this going to be taken into consideration, if so then how? Obviously there will be an ANPR capture of all vehicles entering the “wet end” a computer system then generating automated fines, If this happens then… Read more »
Simon Perry

Hi sapphire101

We posed this question (and others) to Wightlink and published their reply yesterday.

Other than making money out of fining those who “overstay” the 20 minutes, then there is little in it. And, of course, you will not know until days later when the fine pops through the letterbox. Is this going to make any spaces more available for parking? No, of course it isn’t. No-one goes up and down the pier for the fun of it; we go to… Read more »
I emailed Wightlink a couple of days ago, questioning the time limit of 20 minutes and received this response: “The Car Park at Ryde Pier is not managed by Wightlink, so we will not have the ability to waive fines if something goes wrong. It is similar to the situation at stations and airports car parks where there are also costs involved in driving into and using… Read more »

I don’t think they will be able to use the cameras to levy parking fines, as I believe that this was made illegal several years ago.

Edit/ The regulations as drafted apply to civil enforcement empowered by the 2004 Traffic Management Act as amended in 2015. Wightlink is relying on a different legal basis to levy its own fines; nevertheless it would be *bold* and probably foolish for it to operate in a significantly different way from civil enforcement authorities, since this would create an obvious grievance and a political stick with which… Read more »

Could somebody please remind me why I will never use Wightlink ?