Ryde Sands Caught Out 22 Boats On Saturday

22 boats ran aground on Ryde Sands during Saturday’s race. Lucky for them Ryde and Gosport Inshore Rescue teams were there to help out.

This in from Ryde Inshore Rescue, in their own words. Ed

Sands:Ryde Sands proved they could still catch the sailors of Round The Island Race out on Saturday, when the lifeboat crew of Ryde Rescue 1 and Ryde Rescue 2 attended 22 boats that ran aground just after low water.

Whilst 12 of these vessels were happy to wait for the tide to rise and get themselves back into safe water, ten craft asked for the assistance from the lifeboats patrolling the sands.

Collaboration with Gosport Independent Lifeboat
Patrolling the sands with Ryde Inshore Rescue were Gosport Independent Lifeboat who were tasked to deal with two incidents involving a yacht that had its steering jammed and another that reported an engine fire at the mouth of the river Medina.

Gosport checked that all was OK and isolated the electrics before proceeding in.

Image: Mahobbs under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 2nd July, 2012 2:06pm


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Email updates?
Fred Karno
Just goes to show how important Ryde Inshore Rescue is. Even with GPS, up to date charts and tide tables, many sailors and holiday makers and others still come to grief in a variety of ways on this hazardous feature.. Please remember that Ryde Inshore Rescue is completely independent and only survives because of the money that they raise. They are nothing to do with the RNLI… Read more »

Well said Fred! I’m part of Cowes RNLI crew and very much support what you say about the independents! We’re all trying to do a good job, working together! :-)

Yeah, but...

“here here” ‘Fred Karno’, I agree.

After all, the RNLI can afford to advertise themselves so profusely, that many think they are the only sea rescuers.
Which leaves Ryde, Sandown-Shanklin and Freswater lifeboats struggling.

As well as ‘rattling their tins’, I remember the independent lifeboat stations (Cowes was once independent too) used to receive some sort of government grant, although in itself too small to survive off.
Is this still so?

If I get you correctly you are talking about the grants that the units used to receive annually from Solent Sea Rescue Organisation, a charity in their own right that supports the local units. They spent the year fundraising for the independent units in the Solent and first of all paid off the insurance and then divided the money left between the units. One area they fundraise… Read more »

I trust they rattled their collecting tins first of all to the 22 leisure yachtsmen who they rescued.