Ryde Theatre Up For Sale Again?

Disposal of Ryde Theatre added to the Forward Plan. Decision to be made at August Cabinet meeting,

We were wondering just recently what was happening with Ryde Theatre after the sale to Platform One had fallen through.

Lo and behold, appearing as a new entry on the Forward Plan today is the Disposal of Ryde Theatre/Town Hall.

According to the paperwork a decision on the disposal of the venue will be made at the August Cabinet meeting.

History of the sale
It was way back on 19th January 2010 that the Cabinet agreed to sell both Shanklin and Ryde Theatre after first appearing in council papers in April 2009.

It’s over a year since Platform One pulled out of deal to take over the venue and subsequently offers had been invited for Ryde Theatre.

It will be interesting to see what comes of the iconic venue.

Why not listen to our interview with Jazzie B back in 2008 on the subject of the closure to hear what he has to say about it.

Image: © Ryde Theatre Militia – Save Ryde (and Shanklin) Theatres – used with the kind permission of Contrast TV

Friday, 18th May, 2012 4:38pm


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It’ll probably end up as flats and some counsellors will end up with a nice wad from some property developer or other. It SHOULD be retained as a theatre and youth academy for musical and theatrical groups.There’s no price on investment in youth on an Island like this.The money simply HAS to be found. I suspect as I say though it’ll end up as flats and that’ll… Read more »

The council submitted 3 proposals for costing a couple a years ago…one to retain it as a theatre, two to split use with offices, an auditorium and flats, three as just flats…and just flats was were all the money was

Steve Goodman
Sadly, we may expect our council not to share the desirable possible future previously articulated by Jazzie B OBE (see below), when presented by an opportunity to replace a purpose-built potential long-term money-making venue with a conversion enabling the new residents to use the nearby Solent crossings to spend their money at mainland venues. “Jazzie makes a lot of good points as to why The Venue in… Read more »
mark francis

Is that a real gun?


Not a peace symbol then? Funny weapons like this have been keeping the peace for decades, haven’t they?


From the stories I’ve heard, Platform One had to pull out as the initial price offered, then turned into one of those, oh that’s not included no, neithers that, oh you’ll have to pay for that too, and the cost was unreasonable. Platform One had every good intention, but like the rest of us was going to be ripped off beyond belief!


Not true


What do you know then no 5 that’s different then? Please share


its a story of procrastination and delay on both parts, but the option offered to Platform 1 to buy was extended and extended and eventually the financial partners deal expired amid downturns in economy and desire

Senior Service

Why are you using an image that appears to portray an armed IRA terrorist in an article about a theatre sale?


I was a bit confused at first by the photo, but then looked at the credit and remembered it from the Save Ryde Theatre Campaign – It’s the Ryde Theatre Militia. Imagine it’s meant to be a tongue in cheek. reference.

Militant Pacifist

lol … lovin the reference

Wolfy Smith

Power To The People

mark francis

Right on.

Lars Torders

Is that a meeting of the “August Cabinet” or the Cabinet meeting to be held in August? I doubt they deserve the first description.


sell it cheap to some one who cares and will spend what it needs , put it together again and hold any events which will attract all different types of people ,afternoon shows for children , adult nights , cheese and wine just get it sold and running again before it falls down , Cant the Masons buy it .

Misty Day
Oxbridge colleges make a fortune with selling themselves as conference and wedding venues (mostly out of term time) – so why couldn’t someone/some public body with enterprising spirit in Ryde do the same with this wonderful building? Turn offices into conference accommodation, restore the theatre to former glory (and make available for use at cost to local groups) and conference folk generate much-needed income for other local… Read more »
Mike Crowe

“”couldn’t someone/some public body with enterprising spirit in Ryde do the same with this wonderful building?””


Why not YOU to get it started?