Sandown residents call for councillor resignations in vote of no confidence

The room was jam-packed with residents wanting to share their views about the recent behaviour of Cllr Chris Dupre and the actions of the town council that have led to a 74% increase in the town council precept element of the council tax.

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Around 160 residents of Sandown crowded into The Bay Primary School on Friday night and voted almost unanimously for six of their councillors to resign.

The town meeting was called to allow members of the public to share their views on the 74% increase in the town’s council tax precept and the recent behaviour of Cllr Dupre.

Vote of no confidence
A number of motions were proposed, the first stating,

“No confidence in the Sandown Town Councillors, who prior to the May 2017 election supported the Broadway Centre rebuilding project which has resulted in the impostition of a 74% increase in the town precept on Sandown Town Council taxpayers and the reduction of other services.”

It went on to say,

“This town meeting calls on the members named to resign forthwith. The members concerned are Cllr Raj Patel; Cllr Gary Young; Cllr Ian Ward; Cllr Connie Cowley; Cllr Chris Dupre and Cllr Jacquie Mereweather.”

Call for Dupre to go
Other motions that received almost unanimous support included one calling for the cllr chris dupreresignation of Cllr Dupre (up to this point he had stated he would not resign).

Another called for the Town Council to take action to construct a Town Plan with consultation with residents to better manage the way forward for the Town.

VAT issue being investigated
During the meeting Cllr Debbie Andre (who was not on the town council at the time of Broadway Centre decision) explained that the previous clerk (who was also the ‘responsible financial officer’) had not informed the town council about the VAT issue that has cost the council £125,000.

She added that an expert has now been appointed to look at the issue and will present recommendations to the council once their report is completed.

Cllr Ian Ward explained that it might be possible to get the money back, but it would be at a cost of £500.

The next move is in the hands of the councillors.

Image: © Rob Jennings via the VB Flickr Pool

Saturday, 10th March, 2018 12:25pm



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Fred Karno
This Town Council appears on recent evidence to be both dysfunctional and incompetent. Just because it exists now does not mean that it is set in stone for ever. Town and Parish Councils have and can be abolished if the local residents have the will to act. Many residents may now be thinking that the town would be better off without a Town Council. I suggest that… Read more »
Cllr Ian Ward explained that it MIGHT be possible to get the money back. That’s fine as long as it’s not screwed out of us. And who was the ‘responsible financial officer’ that caused the problem in the first place,don’t we have a right to know names? because we expect to see him or her not resign but sacked. Again why should we have someone elses incompetance… Read more »
“Cllr Ian Ward explained that it MIGHT be possible to get the money back”. Since Cllr Ward doesn’t know his A from his E I wouldn’t put too much store by that! And either it is or it isn’t – doesn’t need a VAT expert to decide. Just ask any of the thousands of small businessmen who battle daily with VAT to keep themselves alive. Perhaps our… Read more »